May 11, 2003 Sorry that I've never updated. I've discovered that making a webpage just doesn't interest me all that much. I'll do it if I'm bored, but I haven't been that bored since I graduated.

I'll leave this site up for a while, but if anyone would like to take over either or both of the pages I've made, please let me know.

Orlean Glaed

You come across a patch of ground littered with stakes and string and rocks and notes saying things like "wall goes here" and "build here." While there are many signs of construction in the area the only building which has been completed, or even looks like it knows what it's going to be, is a small shrine at the back and a museum off to one side. Beside the entrance is a sign saying:

Orlean's Keep
under construction

Ok, the only two pages I've completed so far are my Johnny Maxwell Shrine from Terry Pratchett's Johnny series and my Wind Named Amnesia Image Gallery. Eventually I hope to have other pages up, but that might be a while. Until then please visit either page.

Oh yea, I stuck a banner on each of my pages because it stops that annoying pop up window from appearing. 1