I am almost willing to put money down on this, that's how confident I man on this.  I know alot of the Jonny Quest haters out there got a real surprise to see a second episode of Dragonball Z on JQ:TRA's place.  But that is as far as Cartoon Network will go with it.  Jonny should very much be back in his 5:30 pm ET time space on Monday.  So why did CN have two episodes of DBZ today?  Well, simple.  The Toonami Movie is tomorrow, so a normal DBZ episode wouldn't have been shown.  They were so close, being on episode 52 today, one before the last translated episode in the series.  So, they did themselves a favor.  They showed episodes 52 and 53 so that on Monday they could start over at episode 1 again.  I will eat my words if that is now what happend.  So JQ fans, don't worry, you still have your adventures.  DBZ fans, be gentle.  I don't think you would want two episodes everyday anyway, because it would get tired real fast, y'know.

This is just to add publicity to the new section of Toonami: The Unofficial.  The store has opened and what is now available are manga comics and manga graphic novels.  This is a kinda joint venture with one of Blkcloak's local comic shops, Captain Blue Hen Comics.  So if you see anything in there that interests you, drop me a line.  But just go ahead and check out the Toonami Store.  Heck, if it proves popular, I might start adding more stuff in there.
CBH baby

Don't be upset next week with Dragonball Z.  It's a gut feeling rigth now, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see Radditz making his way to earth once more in the next week or so.  Why do I have this feeling?  Well, because of the DBZ movies, actually.  Cartoon Network claimed that they had new episodes of DBZ and have episodes 1 thru 60.  Most of you who have seen the DBZ movies on tape might already know that in North America, those movies also break down into episodes.  So right now, in North America, there are the 53 episodes leading up to "Goku... Super Sayian?" and then nine more episodes in the three movies.
Cartoon Network isn't technically lying when they say they have new episodes because the three movies have never been shown on television before, and that is what I think going to be the case.  The new episodes of Dragonball Z will actually be the movies.  I mean, CN did say the new episodes will premier near the end of January, and that is when Tree of Might will be shown.  I was just never specific enough when asking CN about new DBZ episodes.  So it is very much possible that we will still be waiting to see what happen on Namek after next week with no answers in sight.

Okay, there had been some speculation on Cartoon Networks newest aquisition, but reports have confirmed that Toonami is getting another bundle of joy come March 15th, when Reboot joins up.  This report comes out of the CN2: Toonami page from it's News Bytes section.  According to a Reboot Newsgroup, this computer-animated show will airing on Toonami in the 4:30 ET time period, taking down the Superfriends.  Every season will make it's way to Toonami, including the thrid season that was only really shown in Canada.  This will be a treat to the American fans who have no idea what happened to the show when it just suddenly disappeared off the airwaves afew years back.  Welcome aboard, Bob.
New member to Toonami

There is something I'm working on for you guys.  I've seen some of you don't have ready access to comic stores so you can pick up some manga and anime series.  Well, I'm trying to see if I can help you out.  I'm working with my local comic shop to see if I can't set any of you up.  Not much in details do I have for you, but you might want to keep an eye open on this one to see what develops and to check back whenever I have some news on this.

The month of January is the first month of Toonami Movies, and I'm sure you guys out there want to know what's showing when.  So, for January, here's what to expect:

January 08th:  Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
January 15th: Batman: Subzero
January 22nd: Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects
January 29th: Dragonball Z: Tree of Might

If I were to put any money down, I would bet that the new episodes of Dragonball Z would begin airing to go together with the DBZ movies, but that still remains to be seen.

Okay guys, the day has come.  Cartoon Network, at least their online staff, has answered me back on that 10K letter I sent them.  It only took 4 copies to get a responce.  Because there's so much news and a new review up today, I won't go into the letter now.  I'll most likely have that stuff up tomorrow, so stay glued to the screen

Alright everyone, it's contest time again.  This Friday, January 15th, watch the Toonami movie Batman: Subzero.  In between the time from 4 pm to 6 pm ET, a phone number will come up.  A lucky winner will get Planet Lunch 'ploids.'  What's a 'ploid?'  It's a point that you can use to get some cool Planet Lunch stuff.  Now, what would yo say to 5000 ploids?!  I'll bet that got your attention.  Runners up will get a smaller amount of ploids.  So tune in, check it out, and have fun on Planet Lunch, only on Toonmai.

Okay, Happy New Years everyone.  1998 turned out to be a very successful year for Toonami and it would only seem natural that Cartoon Network would like to follow up on that success.  The first phase of the Toonami '99 schedule will be the inclusion of 'Toonami Movies,' which will begin airing on January 8th.  An interesting note in these movies are the three DBZ features that will be airing.  These movies are actually normal episodes, each containging three episodes in succession.  It would only be safe to assume, then, that before the DBZ movies begin their showing, the new episodes that end the Freiza saga of Dragonball Z will preceed it.  Still, the exact date of the airing of the new episodes is still up in the air, as well as the schedule of when all the Toonami Movies will be shown, but rest assured, when I'm able to dig something up, you'll be one of the first to hear it.