"The boys are back in town"

The struck without warning.  In an instant, the city was enslaved.  In the name of the Emperor Tolva the dark lords of the neither world have come to claim our souls.  But an ancient prophecy foretold five warriors would appear with the power to destroy the evil dynasty.  The Ronin Warriors have returned to fight for our souls.  Prophecies don't lie.

To Understand the Ronin Warriors alittle better:
Asgard Ronin Warriors - Nicely laid out page, good for your character profiles and links.
Jonathan's Ronin Warriors Page - Fan site (of course) that covers characters, lists episodes, and works on the dream of bringing the Ronin Warriors to video
Ronin Warriors - Another nicely done page, easy to understand layout
The Ronin Warriors - Looks like your basic fansite, but gives you links, profiles, and a cross look at Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon

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