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Hi I'm cHiTo.

Well, Konnichiwa!!!, ThanX for dropping by, I hope you find this page a pretty nice one, for I've been work'n pretty hard to get you these RANMA½ Pics, they're all very much High-Quality PiCs!!!...Some of these PiCs, I edited myself, and changed their backgrounds and all,(Mostly in the Slayers section). Well now, a bit of some info about RANMA½, well it's based upon RANMA and one of Tendo's daughters Marriage, out of Nabiki, the pretty Kasumi, and Akane, Akane was picked and Then Akane and Ranma's marriage was arranged by their perents Saotome and Tendo respectively, Although I think Ranma and Akane do love each other, they seldom demonstrate it, for Akane's always mad at RANMA, but when Akane shows signs of caring about Ranma, He get's pretty rude and says he didn't ask her to care about her, and usually he then gets hit on the head, with various heavy-weight objects, examples: Chairs, Tables, and loads of time with a huge hammer that justahh.. just appears from nowhere, je,jeeeeeeeeee....

As the series ventures into new and unknown chapters,(Warning Spoiler Alert!!!)new characters appear, such as the beautiful Shampoo, who loves Ranma a s a guy, but hates (well used to hate) Ranma as a girl, Ryouga, who turns into P-chan (A little drak pigglet) who eventually turns into Akane's pet, and Ryouga falls in love with Akane, then come the super powerfull Happosai (Happo), the master of Soun and Genma, he is very powerfull, but he is also a libidinous, lusty pervert...he collects stolen women Underwear for christ's sake!!!, we also get Kunou Tatewaki, who loves Akane, and Ranma as a gal, but hates him as a guy, (he doesn't know they're the same person), and Mousse who has been trying to get Shampoo to love him for years, but the problem's that without his glasses, even a Pig looks like Shampoo, and tons of other characters, such as the wacked-up furinkan-High principal, the "all-star" P.E. teacher who was totally pro-youth, and the beautifull pre-school teacher, Midori, who's love made happosai stop stealing women underwear, (at least he tried)...well thats a bit of info about RANMA½, I just hope you like it, and by the way, RANMA½ rules, and I've had great time watch'n it, well taht's all, I hope you enjoy your saty here, and by the way, my favourite character's AKAnE, she Rulzzzz...!!!...don't you wish there were girls like her in real life...thats all, Tanoshimu (enjoy)...

Things to do around here!!!

"Ranma½, and Slayers Pics, Click to go to the pics section (Very Lage, very cool very high quality pics I must say!!!"

"PunK and Anime midizzzz...form alot of punk groups, and cool Anime theme songs..."

"Info and phots about me, and my Friends...just thought I'd put a bit of info about myself"

Links to More Anime and some not so anime pages, but thy're all pretty cool, all made by me friends!!!...

"Morio's page"

really cool page about ghost in the shell and Macross, the best layout of all of the pages made by me friends(including mine), and he's also got some funyn stuff on us like the "clinton lied" thingie, and the "rikun fun", ohh yeah try find the hidden pages; I found them heh, Morio: suavemente...!!!

"son Goku's (el Tamal's) Dragonball utopia"

Great page, lot's of content on Dragonball Z, El Tamal invented the "TU Banano" thingie, so respect him OK!!!.. by the way he's really cool, so whenever you eat tamales think about him, go visit his page tons of content on DBZ, he's the #1 DBZ fan!!!

Raul's (BOP's)"

homepage the first homepage of as all, so respect for the master besides he always beats all of us in computer's class (we're only7)., and also he's really kinda funny, and he's the BOP!!! great!!!

Mey's GS Mikami page"

about GS mikami, thta show was great too bad they don't air it anymore, it was really funny, I think mey kinda resembled yokoshima, jejeeeeeeeeeeee so visit it besides it's one of the few GS Mikami home pages, it's really funny, besided mey's a funny person too!!

so leave my boring page now, and head on for this other pages!!!

, but before you do that please sign my guestbook...


SiGn My GuEsTbOoK ViEw My GuEsTbOoK


This page out for all me friends,I think it wouldn't be fair to give them NO credit, therefore THANX, to: Mamoreo for being me friend mostly,and Mamoreote (for the pics and midi help), Juli, for what? ahh I know, for being my totally cool little cousin, je,jeeeee, Quass (For being so in love with RANMA ½), to Tomb for the "ber,bero..bero DEAMASIAOOOO!!!"and the "Boton Chevere" and Tavo, I don't know why, probably for being such a great PuzZle BubBle player, To Akira for offering help when I go to study in japan, gotta' make him a Punker,the Maldos Memo and Mauricio for the Ñet-Ñerot, to the da' Bomb f and his bro, Dodio, for the greta Mario kart 64 battles, this also goes for the Super Uva and Juanju, don't worry "Pura Bauza"'ll never win, again, most of all to Ismar(GOKU), for bearing with me while I went through all the depressions, and enjoyments of making a page, To the man Ramiro, Orale!!!, he's a great friend from Puebla, great drummer, I hope we see him againi hope...and I hope he's still a Punk over there in Puebla, ohhh, you should visit his Gym: Ramiro's Gyms, someday, 'Like he says wanna' be strong like me' come to Ramiro's Gym, Huh,,jeeee...thanx.. ALL THE WAY, Thanx!!! to all, and yeah off course to Rumiko Takaheshi for mak'n such a cool Anime named RANMA ½ , THANx...ohhh... yeah, ThanX to me family, and ThanX to my very nice Japanese teacher HiKaRu YoShImI!!!, she rulzzzzzzzz....ohhhh.. and me DogGy Kwidby, he rulzzz..tooo...and as I said my to my new afve female friend, May, I've never known a girl like her... she'someoen really cool to talk to about all, toilets, movies, "the other type of movies", about anything she's really open to new ideas she's cool very cool...

Please come back soon and visit me and my Friends Pages..,please...sayounara, domo arigatou!!!...

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