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Best of the Month: The Surfer's Guide to Good Sailormoon Pages

The Surfer's Guide to Good Sailormoon Pages

A dynamic guide and comprehensive links site with detailed previews of the best Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon pages on the internet. It also houses a quarterly updated Online Sailormoon Community E-Zine which tackles the different aspects of the online community as well as the show. The design is also quite something to see, with superb graphics and java/javascript manipulation that surprisingly load fast. . . . an excellent page!!!

Best Bests
Tokyo Ezine

The Tokyo Ezine, under the able stewardship of Sailor Zero, the Editor-in-Chief, is the best resource of news for Anime and anything Asian. The Tokyo Ezine staff, composed of Tokyo CLs, would like to invite all of you to read OUR ezine as well as take side-trips to our Tokyo members' sites.
Our competent writers have carefully hand-picked information from different news sources around the world to present you the juiciest, freshest and balanced information of all pertinent events in the World of Anime, and Asia.

Best of the Month: Tokyo Ezine

The Best of Tokyo is a program designed for Tokyo Neighborhood. The purpose of this program is to highlight pages within the neighborhood as well as generate popularity of such sites to visitors coming to Tokyo.

Any page bestowed by the steering committee with the Pearl of the Orient Award shall be prominently featured on in the Tokyo Leaders site as well as specially mentioned in the Tokyo Ezine as the Cool Site of the Month.

Also, the sites listed in Best of Bests page could be voted by homesteaders as well as visitors.

The specific topics covered by this program shall be exclusive to the theme of Tokyo Neighborhood themes: Anime, Culture, Vacation/travel, Actors/actresses, Martial Arts and Musical Entertainers.

To find out what we are looking for as Best of Tokyo pages, please read first the criteria as well as the Page Content Guidelines. If you are ready to apply for the Best of Tokyo award, kindly fill up the application form.

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