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Today is February 13, 2005 at 4:40 AM.

so nostalgic . . . (natsukashii ne?)
more than 9 yrs ago, Sailor Moon opened
the doors to another world for me.
i honestly can't express
how grateful i am for the influence
that anime and manga have had on my life.

true art (hontou no bijutsu)
this is an art form that
i have been told is not art at all.
i refuse to believe that
because it has given me the courage
and inspiration to pursue art at university.
i will definitely show those ppl that something
which can touch one's heart is truer to art
than something for which you can feel nothing.

my reasons (atashi no riyuu)
school is basically eating me alive.
i've also decided to change my major.
besides that, up until a few yrs ago,
i've really hated myself.
the progress i've made is slight, so i want to
devote more time to changing those things
about myself that i despise.
i can't remember a time
when i was honestly proud of myself.
i don't want to pretend
and i don't want to make excuses.
i just want to finally accept myself.

this is goodbye. (kore wa sayonara . . .)
after some serious consideration
(and constantly forgetting to update),
i will be closing this site indefinitely.
i'm a lil sad that
i'm leaving this behind me but i will be back.
i say 'indefinitely' because i dunno
when that will be (could be decades)
and i don't wish to instill false hope in anyone
who awaits my return (as if anyone actually would).
knowing that my appreciation
for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
will transcend time, i have no doubt
that this site will be revived.

thank you, everyone. (arigatou, minna.)
thank you for all the email
i received over the years.
whether flames or fan mail, i appreciated them all.
i hope i've grown in the time that you all knew me.
i was even able to make some 'net friends! =)
altho i've lost contact with a lot of them and
many of them don't remember me anymore . . .
if any of you are reading this,
then please email me again!
i would love to hear from you.

don't forget me! (atashi wo wasurenaide!)
if you still wish to contact me,
i will try to post fanfic and fanart
from time to time;
to prove that i haven't
fallen off the face of the earth.
hopefully, i will improve with time and effort.
please cheer me on!