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  Hi, I'm Suzanne.  Welcome to my webpage.  I am from Cupertino, CA , the heart of Silicon Valley.  I graduated from Monta Vista High School in 1996.  Currently I am an economics major at U.C. Riverside.  Feel free to e-mail me or post a message on my message board.  I will try to keep in touch!
Feel free to browse my page...I'm trying to make it as exciting as possible.
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Here are a few links to some of the cool things around:
This is the awesome UCR KASA site. You have to check this out because I'm in the STAFF section...hee hee
This is a pretty cool site if you like Korean stars and music.
If you're interested in Korean, Chinese, or Japanses music, visit this site.. they have a lot of good deals, PLUS yesasia.com sponsors organizations  such as UCR KASA and Chongdae.
This is the macking grounds for all the Asian-Americans around.  If you're big pimpin' you might like this site.  And when you do sign up.....look for me under the nick: Suzannie
<== This is soooo funny I had to leave it here to brighten your day!
This bike is soooo fattie fatties that I had to put it somewhere on this page.  One day I will own this bike.