Thoughts On Young Love

Thoughts on Young Love!

This is my first attempt on a page so I hope you will bear with me and I'm sorry if your disgusted with it. If you are (disgusted, I mean)don't forget to send comments at

Well, first and foremost, this page will be dedicated to Gundam Wing fanfics. Yaoi ones. Yaoi means a boy/boy relationship. If you don't like it, get out of here! And if you really want to know, (which I'm sure you don't) most of the stories here are about my two fave characters, Quatre and Trowa.

Hah! I finally managed to write a fanfic! I am so proud of myself! *Struts aroud like a stupid rooster er hen* Please read it! After all, I put a lot of effort in it. *sigh*

Yes, yes, I know. This isn't a fanfic. But I decided that some people may actually be coming here, so I wrote this down for convenience to those saints who actually wanna read my fics!
The Mission:Medallion Series
The boys are on a dangerous mission and they find out an interesting thing on the way. Oh, and this is a Trowa and Quatre get together fic.
Part One: The Mission That Wasn't Supposed To Be Dangerous
It's the start! duh. All of them except for the darling Trowa is on a mission and Quatre sees somebody *very* familiar.
Part Two: He's Not Trowa!!!
The guys think Quatre-chan is gone *sniff* Well, Quatre-chan is safe and sound, only he's imprisoned by a certain person, very close to Trowa.
Part Three: Who Is That Boy?!?
The four pilots finally get to do their mission, aaaannnddd they got to save Quatre. Now, why is something still wrong?
Part Four: Presenting...Tro-er, Louis!
They finally got the dirt on the project, and now, they have to think of something to mess up the others' plans. Now, since Trowa looks a lot like their captive...
Dorothy (Catalonia): A Big Mistake
Ever wonder how come Dorothy's eyebrow looks so much like Treize's? Ever wonder how come Dorothy's attitude is like Lady Une's? Wonder no more! And this fic is actually non yaoi!
*coming soon* Dr J: My What Weird Eyes He Has! (Not To Mention The Hand!)
Ever wonder why Dr. J has the weirdest anatomy? Well, worry no more, it will all be explained here!
A Quatre In Distress
*blush* This is sort of lemon, but only a teeny tiny bit. Trowa is very worried about Quatre when Quatre is sent on a mission. And when Quatre gets back, he gives him a great welcome back gift! One more thing! I got the idea from a friend of mine! *bows and thanx profusely*

That's the only fics I have so far, but don't worry, there'll be more!

If you want yaoi Yu Yu Hakusho fanfics go to Ideas of Demon Love

I hope to see you again! Please do, because I really want someone to read my (pathetic) fics!

Oh! Before you go! Don't forget to sign my guestbook! It is at the main page. To sign it, you should go back! Thank you! I really appreciate it. *sob!*

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