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~ The Personal Page of Elvira Agnes Adoracion Hassler ~
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* Vati & Mutti
* Favourite People to Wilfried
* Wilfried with friends & their hobby
> Vira (click here)
* me & my uncles
> Revi (click here)
* Christmas in Austria (Xmas 1999)
* Revi at Newton Circus
* More of Revi
* Revi & Michi
* Revi & Friends
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* Michi at birth
* The Baptism
* First Christmas (Xmas 1998)
* Michi & Kiral
* More of Michi
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> Mama & Daddy (click here)
* Trees & Slamet's production
* Dad and his girls
> Bisma & Yani (click here)
* Bisma with his nephew, sister and Beno!
> Uncles, Aunts, Cousins (click here)
* My Pacitan Connections
* More posing with uncles, aunts & cousins
> More Uncles, Aunts, Cousins (My Dutch Connections) (click here)
* Shanghai Lady
* Tante Geek & Oom Henri's Golden Anniversary
> Opa and Oma  (click here)
> My friendly friends (click here)
> My friends in Jakarta (click here)
* SMP 68 School Reunion 1999
> My friends in Singapore  (click here)
> My friends in Vienna (click here)
* more friends in Vienna
* Kunstlers Treff, Vienna
> My Cyber friends (click here)
> Christmas 1998 (click here)
> Christmas 1999 (click here)
> Holiday in Nauders (click here)
> Weekend in Salzburg (click here)
> Visit to Holland, April 2001 (click here)
- Michi & books
- Michi, kitchen & cooking
> Building a Snowlady (click here)
* The Katzes and the Rorings
* When it gets cold...
> Learning to ski, Nauders 2003 (click here)
> Trips to Duernstein, Hallstatt, Salzkammergut & Dachstein, Spring 2003 (click here)
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> Other pictures on flickr album (click here)
~ Life is short & beautiful, make the most of it ~
~Treasure & cherish your memories ~
~ Family & Friends are God's greatest blessings ~
> Wienerball, Vienna City Hall 2003  (click here)
- Michi's skiing 1
- Michi's skiing 2
* Ski weekend in Hochkar Jan 2004
> New series Introduction (click here)
- Michi & Tobias
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* Richard & Rianne's visit to Vienna Nov 2003
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>Sultan of Jogja in Vienna (click here)
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* Adhiyana
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* my page
>Iceskating 2005  (click here)
My Gallery at Care2 Album   (click here)
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>Michi & Snow  (click here)
>Early Winter in Vienna  (click here)
* Bisma & Yani's Wedding
>Katzes Around the World   (click here)
>Skiing at Buergeralm 2005   (click here)
>Katoppo (The Katz)   (click here)
>Katzes Reunion   (click here)
>Nauders 2005-2006   (click here)
>Michi's Erstkommunion   (click here)
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- Michi & Elias
* Mom & Dad touring around (at Care2 Album)
> more recent albums in Picasa I (click here)
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> My forever friends (click here)
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