Welcome to this page. I'm currently in Hong Kong, working in the accounting field in a US based company. Life is pretty much the same, not too many suprise. If you'd like to know how I'm doing, please e-mail me, or give me a call!

歡迎來到依個網頁. 其實能做到這個網頁, 對我來說可以話係個奇蹟. 咁當然, 對那些對 computer 稍有認識的人來說, 這些只是班門弄斧. 記得當初都係見自己得閒一滯, 所以就叫一個朋友俾個 program 我自己試試, 點知試試下, 都發覺幾好玩, 玩玩下就由初初的簡單網頁進 化成為而家閣下讀緊的一頁喇. 順道在此多謝所有幫過我整這網頁的朋友. 最後, 我希望閣下會 enjoy touring this site la! 臨走之前, 記住 sign guestbook 啊.

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