Ryouga and Ukyou Land

the perfect couple
Ah, the under-appreciated, unforeseen, unlikely -- and yet, ultimately inevitable, pairing of Ryouga Hibiki and
Ukyou Kuonji.

Is there a cause more deserving?

Are there two animated characters any more suited to each other and simply destined for couple-dom than these two?

I think not.

R&U Land

Welcome back minna to the new and slightly improved Ryouga and Ukyou Land! I've been itching to redesign the site for quite some time now - the old one was just too messy for my tastes. Anyway, here you'll find reasons for this unique and (fan-beloved) pairing, images from the manga and anime, a webring specially dedicated to the couple, plenty of links leading to other Ryouga & Ukyou-related sites, and of course - fanfiction!

This site is still a bit rough around the edges, as you can see. I've taken out some unneeded graphics and decided to go for a cleaner look. Not all the pages are up yet, but look for more comments and reasoning for the pairing and fanfic links soon!

For those of you unfamiliar with the pairing, think about it: the lonely lost boy and the rejected okonomiyaki chef - finding love at last within each other's arms! *romantic sigh* Though on the surface, they may conspire to break up Ranma and Akane, they secretly fall in love and break free from Takahashi-sensei's too-perfect pairings, eloping to some small island in the South Pacific .... okay, so maybe that wouldn't happen. But that's what this site is for: to unite all fans in favor of this very special couple: Ryouga and Ukyou!

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