Well it's here!! The wait is over the second Mp3 page is up! Just follow the link at the bottom.

Of course everyone already knows this stuff, but just to cover my hide I gotta put it up. Well here goes: If you do not own the originals of these then you may download them for educational purposes, yadda yadda . They must however be deleted from your drive after 24 hours, etc. etc. There I'm done.

Get smart get GetRight

DOWNLOADMKR third OpeningMKR Songbook 1
DOWNLOADBanana Moon LoveYuka Sato Macross II OST
DOWNLOADBurning Highway Bubblegum Crisis Complete Vocal Col. Vol. 1
DOWNLOADBlurry EyesDNA^2 opening
DOWNLOADThe Edge of SoulPSX SoulBlade Opening
DOWNLOADPrimal EyesPSX Parasite Eve opening
DOWNLOADThe Making of a CyborgGhost in the Shell Opening
DOWNLOADWorld Surprise!