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Real Audio Files
Jacky Cheung

Loy Loy Wui Wui

Jee Seung Yut Sung Gun Lay Jau

Fun Sau Joong Wui Joi Yu Teen

Jook Fook (Mandarin)

Wan Si Gok Duk Lay Jui Ho
Hacken Lee

Yut Sung Yut Chai Dom Yau
My Prom Pics

This is the big scene with all the ladies I went to prom with. They all looked gorgeous. See that big limo in the back....hehe...I got to ride in it all by myself when the driver picked me up while the ladies were having dinner.

This is a close up shot of all of them

This is my good friend Jennifer and myself

Here's Jen, Brittany, and myself.

And this is my friend Kristin.

And finally the night has come to an end. This is my friend Monica and myself in the limo. No that is not champagne (even though I really wanted some that night but let's not go there). We were tired and we had fun doin swing at the prom. It was cool cuz I asked to guy to play 2 swing songs. And voila, I got my wish.
My Senior Pics are here.......please don't laugh since i'm not very photogenic and I much prefer to be on the other side of the camera being the one who presses that button instead.

And this is Pic # 1

Pic #2

Pic #3

Pic #4

Pic #5

Pic #6

Pic #7 - This is the one that's going into the yearbook

Pic #8

Pic #9

Pic #10

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