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WASSUP EVERYONE!!! Well I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good too =). Got to see some my relatives and friends I haven't seen in awhile and kicked it with my cousins too =). But something also happened to me today that kinda brought me down. My girfriend and I broke up. But the good news is that we left on good terms and we are still goin to remain the best of friends =). But anyways, I'd like to pay congratulations to IS PORDUCTIONS for putting on a teriffic show last week. These guys did great job I can't wait for their upcoming projects =). Well right now I'm working on a new section of my website. This site features some of the hottest eye catching model in the carshowscene today. A couple of the girls that will be featured in the section a down below. The latest model that will be featured soon is a good friend of mine that you may have seen on Her name is Lindsay and she is such a ball of energy that is deffinitley making a name for herself. SO be on the lookout for her section =). Oh ya, if you wanna know when this site gets updated or if there is any news that you shold know about, drop me an e-mail with your name and e-mail addy and i'll send you updated and hot events coming up. Well hope hear from you soon. Take care everyone =)

- Civic-Boy =)


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