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Meeko - 08/10/00 18:34:37
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/filme9/
My Email:m.vang@awhnet.com
Country From:: USA
Age:: 19
Favorite Music Artist/Group:: Michael W. Smith

Nice! My sis knows you. It's Neng. She has a link to your page, thats why I am here. Stay cool! Bye!

Lynn Lee - 07/06/99 05:48:27
My Email:lynn_lee@mailcity.com
Country From:: Singapore
Age:: 18
Favorite Music Artist/Group:: Sorimachi Takashi
Favorite Actor/Actress:: Sorimachi Takashi

Nice Page!!

Richard Huang - 06/17/99 00:40:35
My Email:richyh@hotmail.com
Country From:: USA
Age:: 23
Favorite Music Artist/Group:: MAX
Favorite Actor/Actress:: Namie Amuro
School:: University of Taxes

Send me some pictures !!!

mary - 12/13/98 14:56:05
My Email:shou3@aol.com
Country From:: USA
Age:: 26
Favorite Music Artist/Group:: back street boys
Favorite Actor/Actress:: chow yun fat
Favorite Movie:: titanic

great page!!! I love your max pictures.

pink highlighter - 12/10/98 05:31:18
My Email:guess who ?
Country From:: USA
Age:: 17
Favorite Music Artist/Group:: well if you want music, music groups then um I guess LUNA SEA, GLAY, Fujii Fumiya, The Yellow Monkey, Spitz, Da Pump, Tokunaga Hideaki, Siam Shade...enough ? No! Still more..but I'll stop here for now.
Favorite Actor/Actress:: Eguchi Yousuke, Fukuyama Masaharu, Oda Yuji, and all the JOHNNY'S GUYS especially Dohmoto Tsuyoshi
Favorite Movie:: SHOOT! by SMAP ^_^*
School:: 12th grade

Hi Hi!! Know who this is ?? Well, it took me forever to just sign your guestbook.... because SO MANY phonecalls !! Anyhow, I like your page layout--easy to surf around..^_^* Catch you online later. Oh P.S... ^_^* Quick one second: which one--Deeps or Spe d ?

Adam - 12/08/98 16:40:38
My URL:Adam's Big Movie Page
My Email:BklynARC@aol.com
Email: BklynARC@aol.com
Favorite Music Artist: Bon Jovi
Favorite Movie: Aliens
Where From?: Brooklyn
Age: 25

Juan always puts up a lot great stuff. Everyone should make sure that they check out the links to his other pages.

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