These are several drawings I've made over the years. Some of you TASers might remember these, and will probably remember the TAS notebook paper some are drawn on =). Enjoy, and tell me your comments! And if any of you know how I can resize the pictures so they aren't so darn big, please please please tell me!

Bunny A drawing of a bunny. Cute, no? Originally intended for the JAC drawing contest, but I knew it had no chance, so never submitted it.

Dirk A picture of a brandished knife/dirk/pointy object.

Lancy In memory of a friend of mine who committed suicide.

A Monster Just a monster, drawn sort of like the monsters from the old 'He-man' cartoons. I think.

Shadow Based on one of my little SD plastic models, I named this one Shadow because it looks like a ninja and I can't read the Japanese.

Sun Knight I made this way back in freshman year, when I first started drawing and playing D&D. The stats for his weapons and armor and a short bio are on there.

Space Marines Has nothing to do with any books or movies you might think of, just random space marines.

Throne Room A throne room with a large black portal and a lightsource.

Werebat Loosely based on the Man-bat character from Batman.

These were all that I could post right now. I'll add what's left in the coming weeks.