Legacy Report

Descendants of Anton Rundhaugen

Anton Rundhaugen .

Anton married Karen Hoff, daughter of Unknown and Unknown. They had nine children: Theodore, Herman, John, Selmer, Regina, Anna, Christine, Amelia, and Selma.

Theodore Rundhaugen .

Theodore married Lena Graupe, daughter of Unknown Graupe and Unknown. Lena was born on 5 Sep 1894 and died in Aug 1974 at age 79. They had three children: Julian Arthur, Ovedia C., and Alf.

Julian Arthur Rundhaugen was born on 5 May 1920.

Julian married Elaine Esther Theresa Hansen, daughter of Christian Hansen and Alma Overson. Elaine was born on 30 Mar 1922, died on 30 Jan 1992 at age 69, and was buried in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. They had three children: Bonnie Rene้, Viki Lyn, and Philip.

Bonnie Rene้ Rundhaugen was born on 6 Jun 1948 in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Bonnie married LaVern Edward Rueckheim, son of Leonard Rueckheim Sr. and Sophia Ann Clair, on 12 May 1972 in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. LaVern was born on 2 Jun 1946. They had four children: Stacey Lynn, Travis Craig, Corey Wade, and Kelly Shane.

Stacey Lynn Rueckheim was born on 18 Dec 1979 in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

Stacey married Thad Paul Noffke, son of Steven Paul Noffke and Frances Kay Anderson, on 11 May 2002 in Holmen, Wisconsin. Thad was born on 9 Oct 1969. They had no children.

Travis Craig Rueckheim was born on 27 Sep 1972.

Corey Wade Rueckheim was born on 14 May 1975.

Corey married Rebecca Lynn Young on 3 Nov 2000 in Sparta, Wisconsin. Rebecca was born on 30 Jan 1981. They had one son: Noah Alexander.

Noah Alexander Rueckheim was born on 19 Jan 2003.

Kelly Shane Rueckheim was born on 26 Sep 1976.

Viki Lyn Rundhaugen was born on 25 Mar 1951.

Viki married William Alan Burgemeister on 25 Jun 1984 in Coon Valley Lutheran Church, WI.

Philip Rundhaugen .

Philip married Patricia Raasch, daughter of Raymond G. Raasch and Janice Kuester. The marriage ended in divorce. They had two children: Scott and Christian Gerhard.

Scott Rundhaugen .

Christian Gerhard Rundhaugen .

Philip next married Virginia. The marriage ended in divorce. They had no children.

Philip next married Wanda Noth. They had no children.

Ovedia C. Rundhaugen was born on 17 Jul 1918 in Portland Township, Wisconsin, died on 26 Jan 2004 in La Crosse, Wisconsin at age 85, and was buried on 30 Jan 2004 in Coon Valley, Wisconsin.

Ovedia married Blaine V. Dunnum on 17 Apr 1937 in Cashton, Wisconsin. Blaine died on 2 Jan 1994. They had three children: LaMont, Donald, and Brian.

LaMont Dunnum .

LaMont married Nancee.

Donald Dunnum .

Brian Dunnum .

Brian married Diane.

Alf Rundhaugen was born on 17 Jul 1918.

Herman Rundhaugen was born on 7 Apr 1916 in Town of Coon, Vernon County, WI, died on 4 Mar 2005 in Norseland Nursing Home, Westby, WI at age 88, and was buried on 8 Mar 2005 in Coon Valley Lutheran Church, WI.

John Rundhaugen .

Selmer Rundhaugen .

Regina Rundhaugen .

Anna Rundhaugen .

Christine Rundhaugen .

Amelia Rundhaugen .

Selma Rundhaugen .

Selma married Dunnum.