Volusia Bar Lighthouse ARLHS USA-869

Pan-American Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2003



This is what's left of the lighthouse after a fire in the early seventies.  This photo is Copyright 1996 Historic Lighthouse Publishers. 

This Coast Guard photo taken in the early 1900's shows the Lighthouse before the lens was removed and the structure converted to a fog beacon.


This is the lighthouse today. Not the large structure just right of center but further back and to the left are the remains of the lighthouse. By 2 o'clock the thunderstorms werer coming from what seemed to be all directions!


There was not alot of room available. I set up my antenna along side the boat ramp within radial's reach of the water. Although a couple of beer drinking airboaters cautioned me that soon the boat ramp area would be over run with more fighting, beer drinking airboaters only 5 or 6 boats made use of the area while I was there. At first sound of a truck approaching on the dirt road I would jump up and move my radials that were crossing the ramp.


The boat ramp is about 5 miles once you turn off of paved road. I saw both deer and alligaters on the drive in.


Yep I found the place! The boat ramp side of the river is in Lake county. On the east side of the St. John's river it is a 12 mile dirt road to get to site of the old Volusia Bar Fish Camp. Spooky ride often sharing the roadway with flowing water -- knowing that if the afternoon storms hit the road will be totally under water!


See what I mean!