Kung Fu Kid bows to ...

Sifu Wallace Cupp Yin-Yang

Iron Palm Sifu Wallace Cupp has studied traditional martial arts for over 25 years. Over 18 of those years were spent under the direct tutelage of the world famous Grandmaster Chan Pui of the Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis style of Kung Fu.

Sifu Cupp has also traveled to the famous and historic Shaolin Temple. While in China, he was instructed by several Chinese Masters in advanced studies of Praying Mantis Kung Fu as well as Chen and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

As an expert in Chinese martial arts, Cupp has also been an honored judge at the United States National Chinese Martial

Arts Competition for five years in a row, where he was asked to demonstrate his now famous Iron Palm techniques. Sifu Cupp is also known for his expertise with over 24 classical Chinese weapons.

In addition to Jut Sow (wrestling hands) Praying Mantis techniques, Sifu Cupp also teaches tam tui (seeking kicks) kicking, long fist fighting, Shaolin Kenpo and Shaolin 5-Animal Kung Fu. Cupp combines these techniques into a very smooth, fast and agile system of Kung Fu which is very street affective.

I am honored that he is both my Sifu and my friend.

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