"Wecome to The Fanfic page, as you can see. Juan has been quite busy with the
stories, there may not be as many books as for now.  He is still writing in the latest story.

Now for some quick news, there has been quite a delay when it came to Juan writing up new stories, reason for this? As much as he has told me he said that he is running out of ideas and is currently re-writing some of the past stories. (Since he found out that there was someone who thought it was a good idea to mix Sailors and Dragonball together.) So it will be a while before he can get back to the current stories that he is writing. the following stories will be changed: Tentcal series will be removed, next there will be some slight adjustments to the new stories that will becoming out soon. Anythsing will DBZ will be removed including charactors. There might be a chance to get pictures in here soon,* (still trying to talk him into it.) 

Oh, with his permission I will personaly tell you a preview of the Rainbow crystals. (yes there is more than one use for it.)
Well that is it for now. Please remember this will forever be and will be NON-HENTAI in these stroies.

Well see you all soon and enjoy reading.


*Will be part of the story If possible
Sailor Moon Extreme

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