"Hi Adonis here, Just when you thought your life is starting to right something happens. You will see what I mean in this episode. Hope you enjoy!"


Sailor Moon X: The Return of Minakoís Past.


The afternoon had just started Juan and Minako had already started on cleaning up the basement.

Juan had found a big brown box, it was covered with dust. He looks at it and reads the paper addressed form England.

Juan: "Hey Aino, come and have a look at this!"

Mina: "What is it?"

She said as she walked to him. He began to dust off the paper that had the address from England.

Juan: "Let open it to see what's in it."

Mina: "England? Hey! So this is where I left my Sailor V suit in!"

They open the box, and throw out all the foam pieces out. Mina takes out her Sailor V Glasses.

Juan: "Wow, look at all the books they had about you. There is even a book of old news paper clippings."

He said as he opens the book. Minako puts on the swan like glasses and giggles.


Mina: "Hey look, they still fit. Honey, can you please pass me the skirt?"

Juan: "Yeah, sure. You aren't going to put it on are you?"

Mina: "It's not dusty, I just want to see if it still fits me."

He hands her the skirt as he looks at the newspaper clippings, Mina stands behind his back not to be seen and tries it on.

Juan: "If the Sailor V fans were to see this in my world they would go nuts!"

Mina: "Why is that? Come on you stupid button! It's been years and you still give me problems!"

Juan: "ummÖHoney where are you? You have to look at this newspaper clipping, it's really wrong on the reports."

Mina: "Don't turn around! I'm trying to put on this skirt!"

Juan: "Babe, donít you remember that Iíve seen you like this before?"

She blushes as she struggles to put the button in.

Juan: "Come here! Let me button it for you."

She sighs and turns around. Juan puts down the scrapbook and buttons it. Minako takes a quick look at the scrap book. It read: "Warehouse Explosion Near Downtown London". Her eyes opened wide as she read on the paragraph below it:

"Briefly after the explosion an off duty officer reported the explosion and found a woman running out saying that there is someone in there. The officer search the burning building and found nothing before it collapsed. The Young woman's name wasÖÖ"

She suddenly woke up right in the middle of her daydream, remembering what happened really that day.

Juan: "There you go babe buttoned inÖ.. uh, Aino? You ok?"

Mina: "Huh?! Yeah, I'm fine. Hey! It still fits me!"

Juan: "That is great, you want the rest of it?"

Mina: "No itís ok, I'll try it on later. Can I see that?"

Juan hands her the book telling her that the information that was writing was wrong.

He looks at her as she reads it, then goes back in to the box looking for more things.

The paragraph went on:

"Was Code Name Sailor V. We currently have no information of this young woman, an investigation is under way when the fire is out (Echoing) Out out out out out outÖ"

Her mind runs away with her memory, she suddenly sees herself barely escaping the explosion she looks to see herself crying as Allan and Katrina hold each other. A faded voice calls out her name, she snaps out of it to see Juan's face looking at her worried.

Juan: "Aino are you ok? You lookÖ. Distant."

She looks at him and smiles; grateful that the past is over. She holds him tightly, he looks at her confused and holds her.

Juan: "Aino?"

Mina: "Just hold me please."

He does what she told him, suddenly her legs begin to weaken and she faints. Juan looks at her, he quickly picks her up and takes her down stairs. He lays her in their bedroom bed and calls Amy on the communicator.

Ami: "Hold on Juan I'm on my way over with help, just keep her laying down, give her water carefully."

Juan: "Aino, come on honey donít leave me! Come on show me that you are ok!"

She moans softly, as her eyes blink weakly. He holds her and begins to cry scared strait that he would had lost her. The ambulance arrives with Ami leading they way. Juan quickly opens the door Ami and two men dressed in white with a Red Cross with the marks TCH. (Tokyo City Hospital)

They set up the stretcher next to her bed as Ami checks her pulse.

Ami: "We have to get her to ER she slipping in to a coma!"

Juan hurries to the ambulance as they arrive with Mina.

Ami: "Give me her status?"

Juan: "Hang in there babe!"

Ami: "Hurry and pass me that life meter behind you."

They arrive at the hospital hours pasted like minutes Juan constantly paces back and forth waiting for Ami to appear. She walks out with a smile, Juan ran to her with questions shouting out. Ami giggles and calms him down.

Ami: "Whoa! Down boy! Down! She's ok, you can see her now."

She leads him in to the room Juan slowly sits down next to her. She looks at him and smiles softly.

Mina: "Juan!"

Juan: "Aino! Oh, my Aino!"

Mina: "Its ok, I had you worried didnít I?"

He holds her hand; her body had wires coming out. He kissed her with such a relief. She looks at him and wanting to hold him; she saw Ami in the back leaving the room.

Juan: "What happened? What did they tell you?"

Mina: "It's ok, I just had a heat stroke."

Juan: "It's all my fault, I knew I should have brought up the fan."

Mina: "HoneyÖ I have bad news that I have to tell you. My soul energy is slowly falling, and I'm not sure why and how long I'm going to last being alive. I had Ami call Rei and she's already setting things up for us to find out why."

Juan: "Can you move?"

Mina: "Yeah, Just barely but Iím sure I can still walk."

Juan: "No deal, Iím going to carry you. Ok, I'll go see Ami about the release forms."

Juan and Ami met up at the hall, she had the forms ready for him to sign. He thanked her, he got Mina and took off to Rei's temple. They arrive at the temple with Rei waiting for them at the front. She was surprised to see Mina standing under she own will.

Rei: "She looks fine to me."

Juan: "That's what you think, come on we donít have much time."

Rei: "Ok, over here."

They walk in, Rei tells Mina to lay down next to the fire as Juan sat down next to her. Rei began to pray. Suddenly the calm fire lashed out wildly for a few moments it returned to normal, Juan looks at her as she gets the response.

"Rei: "I know why Minako is getting weak, they keep saying that there is a curse on her."

Juan: "Curse? Where did it come from?"

Rei: "Yes a curse, they are saying that it came form a man namedÖ. Adonis, or Ace Kaitou?"

Juan: "Ace Kaitou?"

Rei: "Theyíre saying that itís you!"

Mina: "Huh? No, Wait a sec!"

Mina sits up hearing them beginning to argue; Rei looks at him with mad burring eyes.

Juan: "You're saying I'm suppose to be Ace Kaitou!"

Rei: "You know about her past more than any of us combined, her feelings and everything about her."

Mina: "Rei wait! I-I can explain this to you, but you will have to listen to me."

Rei looks at her confused, Juan couldn't believe what she was going to say to her.

Juan: "Aino."

Mina: "It happened when I was Code Name Sailor V, the guy you are talking about; Ace Kaitou, he was the one that loved me at that time. I-I didn't know that he was part of some evil interpol organization. When I found out I had no choice and I had to kill him. When I held on to him one last time, I hear him saying something under his breath. I couldn't make it out, until now."

Juan: "AinoÖ.. Rei there has to be a way to get rid of this curse. What is the cure?"

Rei: "Hold onÖÖ. They said that in order for you to cure her of the cure is to defeat the man that put it on her in the first place."

Juan: "Looks like we are in for a long trip."

Mina: "JuanÖI don't think it's a good idea to go back there. You knowÖ. The pain."

Juan: "Aino, your are not going at this alone, you have me now. We can get through this together, I promise you that. Rei thanks for everything."

Mina hugs her and waits for Juan out side. Rei looks at him madly, he could see the passionate anger in her eyes.

Rei: "You better bring her back alive Juan, she is part of this team and I don't know what we will do with out her. Here take these with you, they will come in handy when you are dealing with a ghost. Keep this one apart form the other ones. It will last for at least 3 weeks. The energy will go deep into your soul, just say these words to get them working. "Rei, Do, So, Chi". For the others you just say the same just take out the Chi. Got it?"

He nods as she looks deep into him, Juan quickly runs out looking back at her.

The two go home and start packing their clothing, Mina looks at her Sailor V Costume. Light tears begin to fall slowly, he turns to see her and holds her.

Juan: "I know what you are going though, and I know how you feel. Things are going to happen and when they do I will be there with you so you wonít suffer."

Mina: "Have you ever had to go though this?"

Juan: "Once, the bad part about it was that I went at it alone. I barely made it back in one piece, this wont happen to you, and I will be with you all the way."

Mina: "You mean it?"

Juan: "From the bottom of my heart, now come on or we will end up flying in the dark, it can get dangerous."

She looks at him then turns around to put on the top part of the costume. She slides into it once again she began to struggle to put on the bow to close it. Juan turns around and smiles as she looks at him with puppy eyes.

Juan: "Babe, you are defiantly growing from the top part of your body."

Mina: "Oh shut up, you stopped working out and all I see is one ab section on your stomach."

Juan: "Oh don't make me go there girl!"

He ties up the bow and holds her.

Juan: "Babe, you are already driving me crazy."

She giggles and they take off to London, England. Juan quickly transforms to Sailor Adonis and they fly off. They both look at the sunsets in front of them. Hours had past and Mina was fast asleep, Juan looked at her sleeping so peacefully. The feeling of being tired and sleepy hits him and the weight of the backpack on his back began to take a toll on him. He slowly dosed off and quickly wakes up; he looks for a place to crash in. He looks down below him; there was a city with dim lights glowing. Juan looks up to see a clock tower heading right at him; he stops barely touching it.

S. Adonis: "Whoa way to close. Why does this clock tower seem familiar to me?"

He spots a hotel form the corner of his eye and drops in form a far to order a room. Morning arrives, Juan wakes up form the singing of near by birds. He yawns and wakes up completely, he look at her still sleeping with a smile as his arms still wrapped around her back. He kisses her and smiles. She yawns and stretches out as she looks at him truing to passionate blue. He blushes as she kisses him on his rough beard like face. She gets up and felt a sudden draft. She looks down and sighs in relief to find her self in herself Pjammas. She looks to her right to find her suit on the floor ready to be worn again. She turns around to adjust to the sunlight as the curtains fly open.

Juan: "Hey I'm always taking care of my loved one. Babe you have to look at this."

Mina: "Where are we anyway?"

Juan: " Just look out side and you will see."

She looks out side to see the sun rising, the color of bright yellow fills and splashes on the town she could see Big Ben ringing out the time. Her eyes open wide as she saw the town.

Mina: "I forgot how beautiful this place can be in the morning."

Juan: "I'm glad that you are happy my love, now come on get dressed. We have to catch some breakfast at a near by cafe. I heard it was highly recommended by the front desk."

She turns around to see him dressing up. His chest and stomach as now flat saying that he had not worked out in months. They got dressed and left to the café across the street. They sat down; Mina stared out the window at the park with a little windmill like ride like a Fairouswheel. Juan looks at her confused and looks out the window like her. The waitress arrives with their breakfast, and they start eating. He could see her barely touching her food, he stops eating and looks at her.

Juan: "Aino, what is it? What's wrong?"

She looks at him surprised that he saw expression on her face.

Mina: "No, nothing is wrongÖ I just can't believe that this place hasnít changed much."

Juan: "Come on, I know you too well. I can see it Aino. What is it?"

Mina: "It's just that.. Its just thatÖÖ I donít know. I feel as if we went back into time. All the feelings and emotions are coming back to me."

Juan: "Ö Don't fight it. If you feel like you are alone, open your eyes and you will find me here with you."

Mina: "I know, and I love you more because of that. It just feels so odd being here."

After finish eating they leave to the park. Mina stares at the old rusted Fairouswheel that was shutdown.

Mina: "Was it really that long?"

She looks at one of the seats still hanging on the wheel; remembering Allan and Katrina wondering how are theyíre doing.

Juan: "Man what happened to this place?"

He looks at the engine; Mina finds one of the seats on the floor as if it had fallen. Her ears picked up as familiar voice she turns around to see Katrina and Allan walking together hand and hand. Her heart ache from the old scar in her heart.

Katrina: "And I told himÖ.?! Minako?"

Allan: "Thatís what you told the guy?"

Katrina: "No, I mean Minako, look is it really her?"

Katrina runs to look closer, her eyes open wide, they both recognized each other and ran to meet. They hold each other laughing with joy to see each other. Allan slowly caught up to them with open eyes.

Mina: "Sister! I havenít seen you since that monster invaded your body! How have you been doing?"

Allan: "Minako? But I-I thought you had died?"

Mina: "You didnít tell him?!"

Katrina: "I couldnít tell him, he was crushed when I tried to say something."

She felt a pair of warm loving arms land on her shoulders, she blushes as she remembers her love of her life was standing behind her. Katrina looks at him with a question on her face.

Juan: "So this is the famous Katrina! My you look so young compared to the picture I have seen in the news paper."

Mina: "Juan!"

Katrina: "Itís ok, heís trying to make a good impression. Charmed, what was your name again? Juan?"

Juan: "Yes, and this is Allan. Am I correct sir?"

Allan: "Yes, and I suppose you are Minakoís closest friend?"

Juan: "You liked her too huh? I really donít understand why you didnít fall for her."

Allan: "Donít get on my bad side."

Juan: "Relax, Iím just playing with you."

Mina nods and looks at Katrina.

Katrina: "Juan seems to be bit of an odd person. Where did you meet him?"

Mina: "Long story."

Juan looks behind Allan to notice something moving in the back ground, Allan looks behind him and sees nothing. Mina stops talking to look at him, Katrina stares him confused.

Mina: "What is it?"

Juan: "I donít know but what ever it is itís coming from there."

Katrina: "I think you are looking to where the ghost of the forest comes out. How odd I donít recall it being out in the middle time like this."

Allan: "Now Katrina, you did remember what happened the last time we both went there. We nearly came out alive."

Mina: "Alive?"

Katrina: "A man had died there along time ago I think it was when you were Golden Sailor V, we got sent there to investigate and found ourselves dealing with a ghost."

Juan: "What did it look like?"

Allan: "He was a tall fellow somewhat to 6í10 or so. His hair was white as a cloud, he wore a long cloak that was also white. His eyes were blue as the pure sky. He kept asking for the one he loved and lost. Next thing before I knew it Katrina was getting pulled in. It said that she knew her and knew where to find her. I was fortunate to pull her out and leave. The ghost hunted us like deer in season, since then he appeared in the night time crying out your name."

Mina: "That explains a lot, so how come you two still come here?"

Katrina: "Ever since you had left England we decided to come at remember the times we had."

Juan begins to stare at the site and growls out madly. Mina quickly calms him.

Mina: "Take it easy."

Juan snaps out of it.

Juan: "Sorry."

Mina: "Sorry about that, itís just that Juan has this instinct that drives him to act like this."

Juan: "Iím really sorry about that. Itís just that Iím very protective of this loveliest goddess. I Adore her so much that if she gets hurt I will hurt as well."

Allan: "Goddess?"

Mina: "Where he comes form, women like me are a very rare."

Juan: "True fact."

Allan: "Just where did you really come from? Are you a sailor like Minako?"

Juan: "It's a really long story: but yes Iím sailor. I'm from a different reality, from a different earth. The thing is that I don't have to be a woman to be able to be one. My original name is Sailor Sonic, but after meeting this beautiful goddess woman here I decided to change it to Sailor Adonis."

Allan: "Seems fair."

Katrina: "Minako, so when have you two been team mates?"

Mina: "Oh, we're not team mates, we are lovers."

Allan: "lovers?"

Juan: "Yeah, Like she said before: It's a long story. Love at first sight."

Katrina: "So why are you two doing here?"

Juan: "Well, we have toÖ"

Mina: "Take care of some personal problem."

Juan: "Y-yeah, we have to pick up some items she left behind."

He looks behind Allan again, he holds her hand tightly.

Juan: "We better get going before the place closes. Aino?"

She looks at him surprised hear them leave early, Juan winks at her then points his eyes to the glowing place beside them. White fire begins to surround him he quickly transforms in to Sailor Adonis.

S. Adonis: "Sorry about the fire and all I just donít like to change in front of anyoneÖ Its kind of rude to be nude in public."

Katrina: "I hope to see you two again, especially you Juan. I would like to know what Minako sees in you."

He looks at her madly.

S. Adonis: "Oh, you don't want to get to know me. I'll end up rotting your brain."

She smiled with a joking face.

Mina: "We'll come by when we can."

The winds blow strong as he turns to super sailor. Allan and Katrina look at him surprised to see him look so different, and they take off.

Minako: "Juan, I want you to stop by at the beach over there."

SS. Adonis: "Got it."

They land as he returns to normal, they look around the small waves after waves made him feel like he was in a love novel.

Mina: "Did you ever find out about my past true love? Where I got my first kiss?"

Juan: "Not only did I find out about it I was jealous about it. But why are you asking me?"

Mina: "Ö You mean?"

He turns to see her kissing him the instant he looked at her, they kiss as the shore waves gently move in. They stop hugging and kissing looking out to the endless sea.

Juan: "Babe, do you think we would get rid of that curse?"

Mina: "I don't know. Juan there something I have to tell you about AceÖ He can be very determined, and a terrible man when it comes to find out something horrible to him. I donít know what heíll do when he finds out about you and me."

Juan: "Minako, I know how he is like, I didn't fall for you with out knowing what may happened. I don't care what he will do even if he kills me. I will be with you forever my love, even if you are in heaven. I will everything I can just to be with you. Come on we have to get ready I'm not getting a very good feeling about this."

They hold each other tightly then return to the park. The glowing light begins to glow brighter and brighter every time they get closer. Juan quickly puts on the charm on her back and one on his own. They look at each other both even more worried than the other. They both walk in together the light began to change into a human shape. They could not believe what they are seeing right before their eyes. The human form began to shape more and more the bright light was now dimming down to a glow. Grown to 7 feet tall, the light continues to take shape: arms, legs, feet, body and hair. It was now in human shape, Mina stares in to its glowing eyes as it completes it's transformation.

Mina: "Kaitou?"

Juan: "!! B-but how?!"

Minaís eyes widen and her mouth opened with shock. Ace stood tall with white hair, blue eyes, and a gray suit with matching cloak. He seemed to float whenever he walked. He looked at Mina with a handsome smile. His toned body made Juan look weak and defenseless and bit jealous. Juan stood forward and put his love behind him to protect her.

Ace Kaitou: "Oh Minako, I thought I would never see you again my love."

Juan: "This is the famous Ace Kaitou? You look exactly the same when I saw picture a picture of you when you were younger."

His smile fell as he looked at Juan, then at Mina. Their hands still holding each other, Mina tightens her grip telling him that she wouldnít let go of Juan.


Ace Kaitou: "And who might you be?"

Juan: "My name is Juan or as you may know Sailor Adonis."

Ace Kaitou: "Minako, is this true?"

Mina: "ÖY-yes. Man you grew to be tall."

Ace Kaitou: "I can say the same for you. Juan what business do you have with my Aino?"

Juan: "Your Aino? I take it you don't look out for her after all Ace. Do you mind taking a guess who I am."

Mina: "Juan you are pushing itÖ."

Ace Kaitou: "Ö"

Ace looks in to his eyes, Juan stands still letting him look in, Kaitou stands still in shock about what he found out. Juan smiles and nods. Ace growls low as he looks at him.

Ace Kaitou: "I can't believe you did this Minako, I thought I had won your heart."

Mina: "Ö Ace I'm sorry, but."

Ace Kaitou: "But nothing. You know that we were supposed to be together. And when I return to find you I see you with another man?"

Juan: "Think back Kaitou, think back to what you had said and done to her. What you did is not a very good bye gift from a lover."

Ace Kaitou: "I take it you found out about the curse that I left her."

Mina: "Why did you do it? I thought you trusted me."

Ace Kaitou: "I couldnít bear the chance or the thought of loosing you. I wanted you to be forever mine."

Mina: "So you put a curse on me and made me suffer just because of that? I thought you wanted me to be happy."

Ace Kaitou: "I didn't know that it would end up doing that to you. Aino I was waiting for you to come back here so that we can be together like we always wanted to be."

Mina: "I'm sorry Ace, but that will never happen. I can't live with a man that puts me through suffer for two life times. I am asking you as a friend take this curse off of me, it's draining me of my life force that I need to live."

Ace Kaitou: "I-I can't and I wont. Until you understand what I did for you was for your own good."

Juan: "What? You call an life draining keep-from-letting-others curse something for her own good? What wrong with you?"

Ace Kaitou: "You should know Juan, you have studied me."

Juan: "Ö Yeah now I understand why you had to go. You were nothing but a good for nothing jerk. You were the only reason why she suffered."

Mina: "Juan Control yourself!"

Juan looks at her, his eyes showed the pain and anger that was buried deep in his soul. She looked at him mad; his heart forced him to back off. He sighs and nods.

Juan: "Fine, then what do you want me to do?"

Mina: "Back off! This is between him and me."

Juan stands and stares at Ace mad, Ace chuckles and smiles.

Ace Kaitou: "You haven't changed much. I donít understand what you see in him. He's is not handsome, a little scrony on the muscle side, and he is not as tall as I am."

Mina: "Don't under estimate him. He has something that you won't understand. He lets me make my own choices, he lets me go where I want to go, he knows what is truly best for me. He trusts me with his heart. And most of all, I love him."

Ace Kaitou: "You expect me to believe this? You sound like you are using this guy to make me jealous."

Mina: "Juan is right you are a jerk! I'm never going to go back with you Ace. Now I'm asking you one more time take off the curse?"

Ace Kaitou: "Never, you are coming with me weather you like it or not!"

Juan: "I-don't- think-so- Ace!"

He stays in front of her, Ace looks at him furiously.

Ace Kaitou: "You! You think you can beat me? I'm already a dead man, I'm just a soul."

Juan: "Yeah, well Boo! If the woman doesn't want to go with you then she wonít! I'm always ready to do what I can to protect the one I love!"

Ace Kaitou: "Humph, Think you can handle me?"

Mina: "Juan, don't fight him. You don't know what he is capable of."

Juan: "I know that, but for your sake I want you to find cover this could get messy."

Mina: "No. I won't let you fight him alone."

Ace Kaitou: "You have to be kidding me, No way I'm going to go easy with you Aino. You are definitely coming with me!"

Juan: "Let me handle this if you fight with me he will take you with him, and you know how I am with out you."

Mina: "Fine, the next time we fight against a monster you let me handle it alone."

Juan: "Deal love."

Mina backs off as Juan transforms into Super Sailor Adonis, Ace cracks his knuckles and laughs.

Ace Kaitou: "You want me, then come and get me! I will have my love back!"

SS. Adonis: "I hope you are ready for this Ace, I won't go easy on you!"

Adonis takes off running towards him, Ace runs as well. Both of them jump from one end to another. Appearing after every flash of hit they make. They move faster and faster. The winds begin to pick up every time they hit. SS. Adonis flys off from the last hit, Ace Kaitou paints as he stares at him. They run towards each other at high speed, the ground shakes as they hit and lock hands struggling to over power the other. Mina continues to resist the winds. Lighting flashes lighting up the sky as they continue to fight staring eye to eye.

SS. Adonis: "You will never win Ace! She belongs to me and I belong to her!"

Ace Kaitou: "That's what you think!"

They bounce off from each other, SS Adonis and Ace jump back in. Moving fast the fist and feet fly, SS. Adonis flips back as Ace continues to run after him throwing his punches. SS. Adonis sneaks below him and knocks him down on his stomach.

SS. Adonis: "Destroy the curse Ace or I'll make sure you will see the devil him self!"

Ace gets up dusting himself, laughs loudly as he points to Golden Sailor V with his hands together.

Ace Kaitou: "You never quit don't you Juan! I'm a soul and your hits never did a thing to me! Now she stays with me! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!"

Golden Sailor V Begins to scream out loud as a yellow light of energy flows out of her. SS. Adonis Flys to Ace doing every thing he can, kicking and punching, he jumps back and Gathers all his energy in to one ball. It grows enormous in size Ace looks at him form the side of his eye, and calls on more of her life energy.

Golden Sailor V: "JUAN!!!!"

SS. Adonis: "AINO!!! Extreme bomb! Go!"

The huge energy ball falls on Ace letting out a huge explosion out of the woods. Katrina and Allan turn around to see a huge mushroom cloud shoot out to the sky. They quickly run into their car and took off at top speed to the park. SS. Adonis kneels the to the ground painting heavy, his eyes open wide to see Ace still active and taking her energy.

SS. Adonis: "AINO!"

He screams out red fire shoots out from below him, his hair turning black, his eyes glowing red with anger. He yells out, as his eyes disappear into white, his arms and legs bulge with muscle, he suddenly appears in front of Ace. Ace's eyes open wide as he looks at Adonis going wild in anger.

EX S. Adonis: "I am Extreme Sailor Adonis! Lets see you handle this one Ace! Its called my Sonic Power Blast!"

His hands open in front of Aces face, a huge blast of red waves and energy blasts to his face. Ace falls back knocking him down to his butt. Extreme Sailor Adonis Lets his punches fly giving him a chance to look back to his loved one on the floor. He turns around to see Ace through his fist at his face throwing him back, Ace stands up laughing.


Ace Kaitou: "Say good bye to you love Juan she's now in heaven!"

He turns around to see her on the floor breathing fast, he runs to her as the petals of a yellow rose falls down to it's last one. Ace laughter is left with echo's as Extreme sailor Adonis screams out loud in tears. He cries with Mina's dead body in his arms. Katrina and Allan arrive he looks at them, they jump back to see him at extreme Sailor Adonis, slowly returning to normal.

Juan: "s-she's goneÖ. AceÖ.."

Months had past since the death of Mina; the news of her death passed on to each scout, holding one and another with sorrow. Juan stayed in his house where he and Mina stayed. Lita came by and knocked on the door.

Lita: "Man what happed to this place?"

She looks around; the grass was not cut, the house looks like it was abandoned. She rings the doorbell; Juan opens the window. Lita looks at him and notices the house from the inside was clean and new.

Lita: (Thinking to her self: "whoa weird.) "Thanks."

Juan: "You are going to excuse me for a second I wasn't expecting any visitors."

Lita: "It's ok Juan, really. It's just that me and girls haven't seen you since you told us about Minako's death."

Juan: "Sorry, I like this when I'm alone. I was an outcast before I met Aino. Born that way and will be that way for the rest or my hidden life."

Lita: "Ö That will explain a lot about you, like why you are so quite when you are with us."

Juan: "things are not what they seem girl. How are things going? Did Rei ever forgive me for not being able to keep my promise?"

Lita: "You can't blame her for worrying about her can you?"

Juan: "No. But that doesn't matter to me right now. I have something to show you that was keeping me busy here in this house. This should explain why I'm out there with you gals."

Juan leads Lita up the stars and into a room on the right, she could see above the door had a sign said. "Aino Minako's shrine."

Lita: (thinking) "Whoa this guy has it bad for her, talk about creepy."

Juan turns on the lights; the sounds of a engine working seems to hum as they stand in front of Mina's body. Lita looks at him surprised to see this. There were pictures of her hanging from the wall, computers monitoring her body's form on the right. There in front of Juan was Mina's body, laying down on a soft bed as if she was sleeping.

Lita: "You mean, all this time you have been here taking care of Minako's body? Why?"

Juan: "I can't give up hope that we can be together in this reality again and look at this."

Juan hands her a sticker charm that Rei had handed to him before they left to London.

Juan: "I accidentally put one on her body instead of the anti-life-drain that was suppose to be on her body. I found it on the back of my shirt after I came home. She has the charm that will allow her to hit and harm a ghost's body. Which meansÖ"

Lita: "She still has a chance to return to this earth and destroy the curse. How come you never told any of us?"

Juan: "There's a catch to thisÖ You see there is no way I can get to heaven and back in one piece with out having to go to hell for the rest of my after life. If I fail then I will not return to earth or to life."

Lita: "Just how do you know about this any way?"

Juan: "My mom was a very religious woman. I know there has to be a way round this!"

Lita: "What about Rei, can't she help you?"

Juan: "Rei? No way, she wont help me even if it meant for her life."

Lita: "Argh! You can be so hopeless! Look you keep on working on this I'll see if I can talk to Rei about this. Ok?"

Juan: "Thanks Lita, no wonder why Minako made you her best friend."

He hugs her Lita blushes a little then snaps out of it. She takes off to Rei's house thinking of a way to convince her in to it. Mean while somewhere beyond the skies; where souls of good enter heaven. Woman running leaving a blur of yellow and orange speeding off in laps cloud like track. She starts to slow down and stops, then quickly begins to jump forward then back hand and foot. She lands on a kneeling position with her hand on the ground. Her long blond hair covers her back revealing her red bow hold her hair together. She looks around and sighs, her blue eyes look gloomy then angry when she turned to see a man with white cloves offers her his hand. She hits it out of her face and stands up.

SS. Venus: "Get away from me, before I have to kick your butt hard!"

Ace looks at her still couldn't believe that she is still mad at him.

Ace Kaitou: "I said I was sorry. When are you going to forgive me for this?"

SS. Venus: "How does never sound to you."

She turns her back away from him and walks away. Ace puts his hand on her shoulder, Super Golden Sailor Venus turns around letting her fist send him flying far in to the air.

Ace Kaitou: (Thinking) "She is getting stronger every day."

She walks into her room the walls are made of hard clouds, she lays down on her bed. Her body seems to blend in with the silk sheets below her, she looks up at the stars on her ceiling and sighs in hope.

SS. Venus: "Oh, Juan I miss you too much I hope I can be with you again."

She turns to the side of her bed and moves the clouded floor in circles, she could see the earth moving in, focusing on Juan talking to Lita.

SS. Venus: "?? Well this is something I don't see everyday. What is Lita doing at my house??"

She begins to listen in, to her surprise she saw what he was planning. She jump off her bed Screams in Joy.

SS. Venus: "Yeah! I'm coming home!"

Meanwhile back down at earth, Lita was just leaving Rei's temple. Rei's mind began to go nuts hearing an echo of Mina's voice. They both look around confused.

Both: "What???"

Lita: "Was it me or did I just Hear Minako's voice?"

Rei: "Yeah, I heard that too. Weird."

Lita and Rei check around the room for anything, and they had turn out to find nothing.

Lita: "So will you do it?"

Rei: "huh? Oh, one thing though."

Lita: "What's that?"

Rei: "He is going to have to let me BEAT him down."

Lita: "Your still mad at him because of his broken promise."

Rei: ".."

Lita nods with her head down then looks at Rei.

Lita: "When are you going to give him a second chance? He's putting his own soul and life on the line for her, just to bring her back."

Rei looks at her, I stand by my occasion. She opens one eye and looks at Lita: looking down at her. Rei suddenly feels small as Lita stands up and leaves the room.

Rei: "Alright, I won't beat him then. I'll just kick him. How's that?"

Lita: "Rei you just quit, ok I'll see what he says."


Mean while back at heaven, Minako looks at the Color filled sky. The door opens with a knock on it.

Ace Kaitou: "Aino you in here?"

Mina: "What do you want?"

Ace Kaitou: "I just want to ask you something? I Swear! That's all I want to do."

She turns her head to look at him and sits up.

Mina: (Sighs) "Ok what is it?"

Ace Kaitou: "Please can you forgive me for what I did.?"

Mina: "If you want to find out you are going to have to wait a very long while."

Ace Kaitou: "Oh, I see."

Mina: "Just what do you have against Juan anyway?"

Ace Kaitou: "Besides the fact he took my girl away from me.. The Punk almost took a big chunk out of me."

He shows her his scar right next to his eye, Mina looks at it making an face saying "ouch".

Mina: "That has to hurt, you better let me take a look at it.(Thinking) "How did he do that? Even without the charm that lets him hurt Ghosts, or dead souls?"

Ace Kaitou: "Ouch! Take it easy on it will you?"

Mina: "Just hold still; your starting to sound like Juan."

He looks at her shocked. Juan looks up at the sky wondering what she is doing, he begins to shed a tear as his heart begins to ache.

Juan: "Aino.. I miss you so much."

He walks back in to his house and looks at her body, as the computer makes nose in the background.

Juan: "Ö Ace, I will get my love back even if it means for me to send you strait to hell. I will get you for what you did to her! You hear me Ace! I will have her back!"

The door opens and Lita walks in, looking around for him.

Lita: "Juan you here?"

Juan: (Faded voice) "Up here in the shrine!"

She climbs up the stairs and looks in to the room to see Juan looking at Minaís body.

Juan: "What do you have for me? Did she said she will do it?"

Lita: "Yeah, at a price that I doubt you would like."

Juan: "Money?"

Lita: "Punch in the gut."

He nods and smiles.

Juan: "Rei, will you stop being mad at me?"

Lita: "What is going to happen now?"

Juan: "I gotta get strong again, when I fought against Ace I really lot ugly."

He turns around and walks to his room and looks at the closet with Lita behind him.

Lita: "What are going to do?"

He opens the closet door, he looks down at an old sword with a hearts chain linked to it.

He picks it up and looks at it closely.

Lita: "Huh? Minakoís winksword! I though she had lost it along time ago?"

Juan: "Hey, Iím the one obsessed over Minako remember? Besides she told you girls that so that she wonít need to use it. Here hang on to this while I take out the sword."

Lita holds it as just takes out the sword, Juan takes it out completely. A loud clang rings out of the house and the sword falls to the ground.

Lita: "You ok??"

Juan: (struggling) "ThisÖisÖreallyÖheavy! Argh!"

Lita just picks up off the ground. Juanís mouth hangs down as she picks it up with ease.

Juan: "This is what I get for not working out."

Lita: (Giggles) "I never met a man that was this weak. Come on we have to get you back in to shape again."

Meanwhile back in heaven Mina and Ace walk outside in the track.

Ace: "so you mean to tell me that guy has done that much for you?"

Mina: "Ace, you have to give him a chance to be able to understand you. Heís not like what you think he is. The guy is very proective of me, heís seen so many things happened to me in the past. He feels that I shouldnít suffer like that anymore."

Ace: "So you guys have been together that long huh? Do you think he would give me a chance?"

Mina: "As far as I know he may not trust you at first, but give him a chance and you will see what I mean."

Ace: "I hope your right, Iíd better apologize to him too."

Mina: "Look I better get some sleep, I still donít want you to bother me while Iím in my room.


Ace: "Deal."

Meanwhile back down on earth while Lita talks to Rei about their deal, Juan continues to workout with his weights. Adding weight after weight and checks his strength. He found himself finding more results when he checks the swordís weight. Lita walks in to see him working hard picking up a pair of 30s on his bars. Lita looks down at him and nods playfully.

Juan: (breathing rhythmical) "What?"

Lita: (Giggle) "Nothing, Itís just that you look very funny when you lift."

Juan puts the bars back up, then sits up to see her face to face.

Juan: "Ö So what did she say?"

Lita: "She sounded disappointed when I told her about this. But she went with it anyway. She says that we start tonight. So.."

Juan: "I got the idea. Hand me the wind sword please."

Lita turns around and hands it to him; Juan smiles as he swings it around him forming a cross.

Lita looks at him as he laughs and looks at her. He closes his eyes leaving her wondering what he is up to.

The sword begins to glow, Juan moves his hand and the sword slowly.

Lita: "?? JuanÖ becarefulÖ The last time one of us used it, we almost lost an armÖ. Juan?"

The ground begins to shake, Lita looks around as the ground begins to break below her. She jumps out of the way. The ground continues to break as it shakes; he opens his eyes. Nothing but white no eye or pupil. The sword falls and he collapses to the ground.

Lita: "Juan! You Ok?"

She helps him up slowly, he paints fast as he begins to sweat.

Juan: "Wha-what happened?"

Lita: "You collapsed after you opened your eyes. Look!"

He looks down to the ground to his surprise the sword stood behind the cracks.

Juan: "I-I did that? But..."

Lita: "Hold on, your can barley even stand up."

Juan: "Iíve got to rest for a moment, let me lay down next to the sword."

Lita: "Becareful not to knock it down or you will get cut in half."

Juan: "Donít worry I wont, Please get me some water."

Lita: "Ok."

She walks out of the room looking back at him. Juan closes his eyes thinking; thinking about His lost love and how did she use it.

Juan: (thinking) "There has to be a way to be able to use it with out wasting all of my energy. I wonder if My love had this problem herÖselfÖ. Wait a minute! Thatís it! She never used it when she was Code Name Sailor. She knew that this would have drained her, she trained enough before she became Golden Sailor Venus. Iíve got to get up!"

He slowly sits up feeling a burn in every inch of his body Lita walks in on him. She puts down the glass and sits him upagainst the wall.

Lita: "What are you nuts? You canít sit up by your self without any help."

She hands him a glass of water then sits next to him. He looks at her not noticing what his eyes where showing. Lita turns her head quickly and blushes.

Juan: "I- I found it, I have to be in Super Sailor mode to be able to handle it. Help me get up"

Lita: "No you are still too weak, you wonít even be able to stand."

Juan: Then help me stand just trust me I know what Iím doing."

She nods and helps him up to his feet, he wraps his arms around her, they find themselves face to face. They blush, as they look in to each others eyes. He snaps out of it and quickly changes in to his sailor mode.

Juan: "Aino Senshi!"

With in a blink of an eye he was in his uniform, he looks at her.

S. Adonis: "Just hold on and what ever you do donít let go of me. Got it?"

Lita: "Will this hurt?"

S. Adonis: "No but you may fly up a little so just hang on."

Lita: "Fly? WaitÖ"

Sailor Adonis begins to yell, she could feel his body getting intense as fire shoots out from below them. She opens her eyes and looks around themselves. She could see right through the fire, she looks back at him his eyes slowly appear back to see her. His body begins to relax as the fire fades away, they stay looking at each other or a moment. He slowly lets go. Lita couldnít believe anything she was looking.

She snaps out of it and holds on to him.

S. Adonis: "Hey, itís ok. I can stand on my own now see?"

He gently pulls her arms off of himself, she looks at him surprised.

Lita: "Wha-what just happened?"

S. Adonis: "Two words, "Fully-Recharged"."

Lita: "But how, I mean I thought."

S. Adonis: "Itís a trick I learned along time ago."

Lita: "So itís ok?"

S. Adonis: (Smiling) "Really itís ok now come on let go of me. We still have a lot to do."

He picks up the wink sword, as Lita puts her self back together again. Still feeling strange about what happened. Juan looks at her confused then stabs it to the ground.

S. Adonis: " You ok? You look a little distracted."

Lita: "huh? Yeah, I guess."

S. Adonis: "Tell you what, you and go take a break I wont go anywhere for a while. Ok?"

Lita: "Yeah, sure."

Juan goes on and starts to practice on his own, Lita Stares at him with wondering eyes. After a few hours he stops and turns around to see her a sleep, he puts the sword down and wakes her up. She gasps as she snaps out of it.

S. Adonis: "You must be really tired, you dosed off siting up."

Lita: "Huh? Oh, yeah dosed off. What time is it?"

S. Adonis: "Time to go. Come on Iíll give you a lift."

She gets up as he finds a holder and buckles it around his shoulder and chest. He picks her up struggling a little and they take off to Reiís temple. Lita looks around herself then looks down to see small people walking in to their homes from work. She grabs on to him tightly because of her fear of flying, he slows down and flys low.

S. Adonis: "Sorry I had already forgotten about your fear, but can you do something?"

Lita: (Nervously) "What?"

S. Adonis: "Can you let me breathe a little? I canít fly right if I canít breathe."

Lita: "Sorry, I just donít like to fly."

S. Adonis: "Just do this; close your eyes and just feel the breeze. Now pretend that you are just standing there in a beach, letting the wind pass through you."

Lita: "Easier said than done."

S. Adonis: "Ok Iíll stop here and I want you to try doing this."

Lita nods, he stops slowly and waits for he to close her eyes. He looks at her, her eyes were closed he begins to move slowly enough not to make her feel her moving. He could see her smile as he picks up the pace a little. He looks back forward again and slowly flys high, he waits until they arrive at Reiís temple to tell her they flew over. Rei was waiting for them outside as they land, Lita opens her eyes to her surprise they were landing.

Rei: "About time, what took you two so long?"

S. Adonis: "Later, lets get to work."

Rei: "Whatís with the sword?"

S. Adonis: "Minakoís."

Rei: "?!"

Lita: "How long is this thing going to take?"

Rei: "The sooner the better. Come on."

They all sit down next to the fire, Juan returns to his normal self and asks Lita if she can return to his house. She agrees and takes off. Rei looks at him, nods, and then returns to meditate. He closes his eyes as a red electric line connects then together. Juanís body shoots down to the ground as his soul leaves him, he looks at his soul as he moves nose up into the sky. He looks up and lets out a burst of speed like a jet airplane. A bright light blinds him as he lands; an old man with a long white beard and white clothing moves the desktop lamp out of his view.

Old man: "Better son?"

Juan: "Where am I?"

Old Man: "The gate way to heaven."

Juan: "So how come I donít hear harps or a harmonic singing?"

Old Man: "Everybody is a critic. Let me have you name, so that I can point you to the right direction."

Juan: "later Iím looking for someone that was not due to be here. Her name is Aino Minako aka Golden Sailor Venus."

Old Man: "Oh, so youíre the infamous Juan that she keeps talking about."

Juan: "What do you mean? What do you know about me?"

Old Man: "Just about everything kid, why are you here?"

Juan: "It should be in the book. Now where is she?"

He quickly walks towards the gates, the old man appears in front of him.

Old Man: "Not so fast Young man! According to this you are not aloud to pass the gate."

Juan: "I though so, on what account?"

Old Man: "Breaking one law. You should be headed down there."

Juan: "I know when I should be down there, and thatís when I really die. So until then let me be with the woman I love."

The old man picks up his hand sending him strained in the air, Juan looks down at him.

Juan: "Donít underestimate me, I will not let anything get in the way of saving my love. Now let me down before Iím forced to use action on you!"

The old man smile then nods at him.

Old Man: "So full of spirit, I cannot believe a soul like this will be such a waste."

Juan: "Donít say I didnít warn you old man. Iíve got two words for you."

The old man looks at him surprised, then angrily.

Juan: "Aino SenshiÖ"

He transforms before the old manís eyes changing into a sailor scout. The transformation completes and Sailor Adonis looks down at him, then smiles. The clouds below him begin to move like a whirlpool, they reach up covering him in a white blanket. The old man stands his ground as he resists the sucktion. The cloud like blanket falls, to the old man surprise he found himself staring at a Super Sailor Scout.

Old man: "You wont be able to do a thing to me, Iím already dead."

SS. Adonis: "I donít have to. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!"

The old man falls on his back, Super Sailor Adonis got free form the old manís grip.

SS. Adonis: "Iím going in weather he likes it or not. Iím already due to go to hell as it is. Iím going to be with the one I love alive or not!"

Super Sailor Adonis knocks the old man out cold leaving him the gate to deal with. He looks up to the sky above him.

SS. Adonis: (Screaming) "You heave me God! Iím going to be with her now let me in!"

Commanding voice: (Gates opening) "The one you love and leave this place, once you leave you will be forbidden to return here again."

SS. Adonis: "I know that."

Adonis runs in as fast as possible he stops running and looks around, clouds seem to take shape. He could see upahead a woman with a red bow and long blond hair.

SS. Adonis "Aino."

He jumps up and flys his way over to her calling out her name. She turns around looking for the origin of that voice.

GS. Venus: "Juan?!"

SS. Adonis: "Aino! Up here above your head!"

GS. Venus: "Juan!"

She looks up above her, she jumps right into the air and into his arms. Super Sailor Adonis looks at her stunned with his eyes wide open.

GS. Venus: "What? What is it?"

SS. Adonis: "Ho-how did you get all the way up here?"

He looks at her as they slowly land down, he lets go of her and looks at her.

SS. Adonis: "A-Aino youíve gotten more beautiful, and stronger. How?"

GS. Venus: "What do you think I do up here when I miss you?"

SS. Adonis: "Working out is what comes to mind."

She giggles and hugs him.

GS. Venus: "Guess that right, now try to guess what Iím about to do with you."

SS. Adonis: "Umm.."

GS. Venus: "Hereís a hint."

She kisses him madly, Adonisí eye open wide with surprise then closes to finish the kiss. Making him return to his normal self.

Juan: "W-Wow! Where did that come from?!"

GS. Venus: "When I miss you too much. What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were forbidden to come here?"

Juan: "I am now, well once when I leave this joint. I couldnít let death keep us a part, I promised you that."

GS. Venus: "Oh, Juan I never knew you were that in love."

Juan: "Hey, Iím not going to waste my life living alone with out the most wonderful love woman in the universe am I?"

GS. Venus: "No."

Juan: "This is what Iím saying babe. Now come on. Lita is waiting for you to return to your body so that everything returns back to normal."

Ace: "What so soon? But you just dropped in."

He walks out of the clouds, Juan pushes her behind her. Her wink sword appears on his back in the sword holder.

Juan: "You! You shouldnít be here in the first place!"

GS. Venus: "Juan wait, I talked to him about what is going on between us. He didnít understand when he saw us both. Let me tell you what happened while you were down there and why is my wink sword with you?"

Juan: "Just in case."

He puts the sword back it to itís carrier, then turns around to look at her.

Juan: "Ok, because you say so my love."

GS. Venus: "First of all how did you manage to get a handle on my wink sword? I couldnít control it when I was Code Name Golden Sailor V?"

Juan: "Itís a long story, believe me. Ok now tell me what is going on here?"

GS. Venus: "While you were down there taking care of my body and everything. I had the chance to talk with Ace. The guy didnít know about us at all Juan. He though of something else. Please you have to believe me."

Juan: "Ö You sure Aino?"

GS. Venus: "Yes."

Juan: "Ok then letís go home, the rest of the scouts is waiting for you down there. Iíll down with you shortly."

GS. Venus: "JuanÖ Donít do anything stupid. Ok?"

Juan: "Fine hurry, Lita is waiting for you with a air tank so that you can breathe."

She kisses him and runs off into the clouds. Juan and Ace stand there looking at each other.

Then turns to Super Sailor in front of him, Ace mad dogs him.

SS. Adonis "As for you, I wonít be held back by Aino when we met again. You still owe me something, and I donít intend to forget what you did."

Ace: "Donít worry about it, besides when you are gone in hell she will be with me."

SS. Adonis: "Donít count on it. Oh, and here is just a little momento so I at lest all this work wont be for nothing."

Ace: "You still canít hurt me."

SS. Adonis: "You want a shot?"

Ace: "You barely nicked me back there."

SS. Adonis: "Better think twice. Extreme Senshi."

Ace: "huh? Extreme Senshi?"

Before Ace could figure out what he meant Super Sailor Adonis begins to float in the air, his screams begin to echo through out Heaven and through out Hell. His hair begins to change color form golden to black, his eyes change to green as fire begins to burst out form everywhere. Begins to glow with heavy white, he lands. Every step he takes seems to sweep Ace from his feet; Ace quickly gets up. Staring right in to his green mad eyes. Extreme Sailor Adonis, lifts his hands and points to him to get close to him.

Ace suddenly moves foceably towards him. Flashes strike like lighting finally sending him back to the ground. Ace shakes his head and slowly gets up to see him standing before him.

ES. Adonis: "Donít mess with me and my love anymore, or other wise you will suffer. Soul, God, or not. Bye.."

He turns around and disappears into thin air. He stops at the gate then returns to normal. He turns around to look at the sky.

Juan: "God, Iím sorry that I had to do that, but you know how love can make a person. You should know, you love everyone you made. If I do come back, before you send me down to fry. Let me take care of the one I love. Sorry about the mess guys, when Iím gone this place wonít be a mess."

A bright flash hits as everything returned to normal as if he wasnít even there. God laughs letís a sun light shine. The old man gets up and returns to his book keeping; mean while back down on earth.

Lita waited for Mina to return back to her body, she quickly goes in and hands her a air tank. Mina comes to and see her wearing a air mask.

Lita: "Minako just breathe into this and you will be ok."

She grabs the air tank and takes a deep breath, Lita returns back out and depressurizes the room.

Mina gets up and walks out the mini room and looks around her. The room looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. She looks at Lita waiting to tell her when she can get out.

Mina: "Where is Juan?! Is he back?"

Lita: "No, he's at Reiís heíll be here when you are ready to come out of there."

Meanwhile at Reiís temple, Rei wakes up and looks to him his body begins to move and shake heavy. She returns and begins to mediated a white mist flows down to his body, Juan opens his eyes and gasps for air as he looks to where he is.

Juan: "How long was I out?"

Rei: "Bout an hour. Is she back?"

Juan: "Yeah, you want to go and see her?"

Rei: "Yeah, give me a second."

He shakes his head as she gets ready to go. A headache hits him hard and knocks him down; he breathes and gets up slowly and waits outside for Rei.

Rei: "Ok Iím ready letís go. Oh, wait one more thing."

Juan: "What?"

Rei punches him right on the stomach, Juan kneels to the floor catching his breath.

Juan: "I take it you are not happy with me right?"

Rei: "Nope just part of the deal remember?"

Juan: "OhÖ right. (thinking) I should never do deal with Rei again."

They walked on to his house, once when he got all his air back, they ran off to his house.

Mina and Lita were waiting for them out front. Juan dashes off as fast as he can towards Mina.

Juan: "Mina!!!!!"

He picks her up and spins her around. He squeezes her hard kissing her crazy, Mina holds him down.

Mina: "Whoa! Down boy down! (Giggles) I missed you two."

Rei: "Minako I thought you were gone for good, until Juan told me what he was going to do. How do you fee?"

Mina: "Like I was just born again. I missed you two, how were things down here when I was gone."

Lita: "You really donít have to know."

Mina: "Whereís Serena? And Darien?"

Lita: "They are on their way over. Come on, I have tea waiting for you guys inside."

Juan grabs a hold of Mina and cuddles her, happy that the love of his life is in his arms again.

The End



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