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Sailor Moon: "Lita we need your help, there is an old lady out to destroy

the peace. Put all your forces together and return the peace.

If not then Sailor Moon will punish you, In the name of the Moon."


Sailor Moon X: The Return of The Sailor Stars

The bell rang after school Lita walked under the tree and sat down. She

looked up to see the winds blow gently on leaves, making them look as if

they were waving at her. She never noticed that Serena and Juan walking by

to see her.

Juan: "Lita, hi what's up?"

Lita: "Hu? Oh hello Juan and Serena? I thought you were with Mina."

Serena: "Juan goes to the same school as I do. How are you doing?"

Lita: "I'm doing ok I guess."

Juan: "You guess? Don't tell me your life just got slow."

Lita: "Well it seems like, hopefully it's just for today."

Serena: "Got to get home, see you later Lita."

Juan: "Oh, Serena if you see Mina tell her not to go home. Better yet can

you pick her up and take her to your home? Please?"

Serena: "I will bye!"

Juan: "Thanks. Speaking of which, I need to talk to you Lita."

Lita: "About what?"

Juan: "Come on I'll explain it on the way."

Lita: "Is it ok if we head to my house instead? I donít think I could walk

too far today."

Juan: "Sure it's fine by me, but you do look a bit knocked out."

Juan and Lita arrive at her house she plops down on her couch. Juan sits

down next to it.

Lita: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like if I wasn't around?"

Juan: "Please don't say that, without you Mina would be nothing but a little

girl and the scouts would be week. And..."

Lita: "Ok, Ok I got the picture! I don't feel very strait, living in this

big house alone can have an effect on a person."

Juan: "I know what you mean, sit up."

Juan stands up while she picks up he head and her back, he sits down and she

lays his head on his lap. He looks down at her while cresting her brown

hair, there was a silent spell and they look at each other blankly.

Lita: "Feeling hungry?"

Juan: "No thanks, we're you always good at everything?"

Lita: "No not really, I had a lot of mistakes at first. Then I figure why

not learn form them."

Juan: "This would probably be a bad time to teach you this new technique."

Lita: "Hu? What technique?"

Juan: "I found a way to level you guys up, hopefully by the end of the month

everyone will become Golden Sailors."

Lita: "That's great let's start now!"

Juan: "No way, you can't now! Your too weak, you need to be well rested

mentally and physically."

Lita: "What are you talking about, I feel fine!"

Juan: "Thatís because you are eager to start, I can see it in your eyes. You

have to rest before we start; I can't take the risk of you loosing your life

force because you want to start tired. I was taught this in my training, I

was told not to teach this unless the person's body is completely rested and

full energy."

Lita: "Teach me it now!"

Juan: "You have to rest first! Then I can teach you it!"

Lita: "I want to do this so teach me!"

Juan: "Yes, but sleep first!"

Juan: "Fine!"

Lita: "Fine!"

Lita gets up, walks to the stairway, Juan too gets up and looks at her

climbing the stairway.

Juan: "Where are you going?"

Lita: "To sleep."

Juan falls to the floor as she goes to her bedroom. At Serena's house Mina

and Serena study in her room. Mina still can't help wondering why she was

told to stay at Serena's house.

Serena: "He told me to keep you here until he returns."

Mina: "But why would he do that for? He know I can take care good care of

myself as well as he can."

Serena: "I donít know, what bugged me was the way he looked at me. It scared

me when I saw it in his eyes."

Mina: "What do you mean when you was it?"

Serena: "Well remember that guy in the video arcade center?"

Mina: "Alan?"

Mina: "No that new guy, the one that locked you up in chains, invited his

friend, and tried to rape you."

Mina: "Oh, that look maybe its better that I stay here, what time is it


Serena: "7:30, why?"

Mina: "He'sÖ"

The phone rang; Sammy walked in telling them the phone call was for them.

Serena smacks him on the head and they grab the phone.

Serena: "Hello?"

Juan: "Hi Serena how are you two doing?"

Mina: "Who is it?"

Serena: "It Juan."

Mina: "Pass me the phone."

Serena passes the phone to her, Juan stands there with the phone to his ear.

Mina: "Juan where are you? You were suppose to pick me up at school."

Juan: "Whoa hold on! I couldn't pick you up so I send Serena to get you. I'm

over here at Lita's house, I need to teach her that technique I tough you


Mina: "Call me and tell me, what's going on at home. Why wont you let me go


Juan: "There are some guys there waiting for you to get home alone. I know

those guys they were looking and hiding, I know those two are rapiers I saw

their look on their faces. Please honey stay over there for me. Ok?"

Mina: "Ok, on one condition."

Juan: "What's that?"

Mina: "don't stay up too late and don't be over there to long. I'll start

missing you before I fall asleep."

Juan: "Deal! I'll keep time Lita and me will be in the crystal kingdom.

Better yet, ask Serena if she can get a lift to go there. All four of us can

spend the night there."

She looks at Serena by her side listening. In she nods in agreement Mina,

Juan, and Serena agreed. Juan and Mina both said their mushy good-byes and

hang up.

Lita wakes up, walks down stairs and saw Juan hang up the phone.

Juan: "Ready?"

Lita: "ready when you are, where are we going?"

Juan: "Hold on and you'll find out."

Both Juan and Lita arrive at the castle as well as Serena and Mina did.

The two girls left to their rooms, Juan and Lita head off to the danger

room. The room lights turn on it's is filled with all kinds of obstacle

courses. They walk in she looks around remembering the last time she was

here was when Adonis showed his special technique. They stop on top of a

hard platform waiting to be used, the two transform and stand ready for


S. Adonis: "Ready?"

SS. Jupiter: "Ready when you are."

Jupiter look at him, he closed his eyes, focusing all of his strength and

mind. White fire shoots up his eyelids open reveling nothing but pure white.

He looks at her, she looks back a bit disgusted but ready. She attacks

everything she throws at him missed, He was moving to fast for her eyes to

see. She attacks again against to what looked as the real Adonis. The image

disappears; he hovers above her and opens his palms. She looks up to see

only whiteness, seconds past Adonis lands next to Jupiter.

S. Adonis: ""Hey Lita are you alright? I hope I didnít hurt you badly."

SS. Jupiter: "I think I'm ok, what the heck was that?"

S. Adonis: "What you saw was what I was telling you about."

S. Adonis: "I'll show you how to do it, the only difference between mine and

yours is the power level your shield and color."

SS. Jupiter: "I'm ready."

Jupiter gets up again ready Adonis looks at her. Telling her to focus all of

her mind and strength to one thing. She closed her eyes and she did what she

was told. Lighting strikes as her rod rises. The lighting stays put, siting

there on the rod. Adonis blinks for just a second and the lighting hits him.

Jupiter opens her eyes to see a charcoal figure, She giggles as he coughs

out a puff of smoke."

SS. Jupiter: "Sorry."

S. Adonis: "It's ok that happens to me a lot, I got splashed, I got blown

apart, and now electrified. Ok lets try it again, ok?"

SS. Jupiter: "Ok."

Jupiter giggles thinking what would happen if Rei gets to him. He shakes it

off and looks at her. He tells her repeat, this time hold it still. Lighting

strikes again, her rods still out from the last attack, the lighting stays.

He tells her to focus her mind and calm her soul. Lighting spreads around

her forming into circles surrounding her as if she was transforming, her

eyes open. Adonis steps back as she looks down at him, her green eyes were

gone. The fear sank into Adonis, she looked as if she were an insane killer

waiting to attack her prey. Jupiter looks at her hands then around herself

to see three lighting rings spin around her. Her mad face change from mad to

confused, she looks at him surprised to see fear in his face.

SS. Jupiter: "What's wrong? Is everything ok?"

Adonis reflexes kick in he stands on guard.

SS. Jupiter: "Juan what wrong! Answer me?!"

She slaps him in the face, he returns to his senses. He looks at Jupiter

still scared because of her with eyes.

SS. Adonis: "Ok, ok, I'm fine. It's just that I forgot how freaky it looks

on your women."

SS. Jupiter: "If itís no problem with you, I want to see how strong I got

compared to you."

SS. Adonis: "Yeah, sure, lets go."

Adonis does the same technique while still in super sailor; his eyes

disappear again while his hair stayed spiked. The two looks at each other,

they both begin to move faster that only blurs could be seen. They both

appear on the air higher than average, twisting, and turning as fists and

legs hit hard. Adonis lands first spiriting on air flying back Jupiter

follows, they both look at each other. He jumps up Jupiter jumps as well,

looking and appears above him, putting her two hands together into one. Then

knocks him down with one hit. Adonis falls down hard leaving a big pothole

on the ground.

The clouds hangs Adonis appears beside her with his two palms together,

Jupiter was waiting for him to appear. Adonis lets out all of energy and

power into one blast. His hands glowed as a yellow red ball shows he shoots

it out at her, she looks at it ready to fall on her.

SS. Jupiter: "Jupiter Thunder Clap!"

Her lighting rod appears again, lighting strikes. She puts her arms together

crossing them and then throws them forward. Lighting shoots out hitting his

energy blast. Jupiter's three rings disappear into green fire. Adonis

attacks staying with Jupiter's, both trying to overdo the other. A loud

explosion flares out; the smoke clouds clear out quickly Jupiter and Adonis

slowly land down on two feet. He holds his shoulders panting heavy as he

looks at her. She too panting and looking back.

SS. Jupiter: "Another?"

Jupiter looks at him and crosses her writs, then throws them down. Adonis

kneels and falls face down to the ground, breathing heavier. He returns to

normal, she also returns to normal, looking down at him and picks him up."

Lita: "You ok?"

Juan: "I'm- Fine I think.. Youíre the second one to beat the living tar out

of me.

Lita: "Who was the first?"

Juan: "Mina."

Lita: (Giggles): "Oh,"

Juan: "Lita, you are going to be a great golden Senshi. Can you take me to

the kitchen?"

Lita: "Why you need an Ice pack?"

Juan: "No it just that.. I'm starving!"

Lita nods and smiles at him.

Lita: "Same old Juan, you never stop do you."

Juan: "Stop what?"

They walk out of the room and into the hall, and disappear into the kitchen.

The next morning came Mina found herself sleeping next to her love. She

turned around to see Serena behind her with her back against her. She looks

at him again, his eyes closed, his shoulder with a deep scar. He stops

breathing for a second and opens his eyes and smiles weakly.



Juan: "Morning beloved, did you sleep well?"

Mina: "What happened to your shoulder?"

Lita walks in as they kiss, she returns to the scar on the shoulder.

Lita: "Good Morning people, breakfast is ready!"

Juan & Mina: "Morning Lita."

Lita: "How's the cut?"

Juan: "It's ok Lita, Mina can you check if it's almost healed?"

Mina: "Are you sure?"

Juan: "Yeah, just touch it and press alittle."

Mina shrugs and touches it, Juan lets out an earth shattering..

Juan: "YOWWWW, owowoowowowoowowowowoowowo!"

Mina: "I'm sorry I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you."

Lita hands her an ice pack, Mina puts it on the cut and he sighs in relief.

Juan: "It's ok that means I still have to heal, thanks for the ice pack."

Lita: " UmmÖ Where is Serena?"

Serena: "U-u-up here."



They all look up to see her hanging form the lamp on the ceiling. She drops

down; Lita catches her and puts her down on her two feet.

Mina: "You still haven't told me where you got that cut from."

Juan: "I have something more important to say, then I'll tell you. You and

Ami are no longer going to be the only Golden Senshis around here. Lita, you

are going to be a Golden Sailor Scout when you use that technique again. You

have the ability to choose what you want as your weapon of choice."

Mina: "Oh, Lita speaking of which. Do you remember your supreme dragon of


Lita: "Yeah, what about it?"

Mina: "It seemed to be strongest attack you had."

Lita: "I'll donít know really, I'll think about it. Juan can you use two

techniques with it?"

Juan: "I donít know, you can but it's just experimental. I think you can

handle it."

Lita: "Great, who wants pancakes!?"

Serena: "I want some!"

Juan & Mina: "We'll eat later, thanks."

Serena grabs the plate and starts chopping down on the pancakes, Lita, Juan,

and Mina just look at her.

Juan: "man she's hungry."

While Lita walks out the room, Juan lays down while Mina tries to calm

Serena down.



Lita: "It's and everyday life, (*Sigh*) At least it's better than nothing."

She leaves out of the hall and into the kitchen, leaves off the dishes and

gets dressed in her room. She walks alone in winter snow, Christmas was near

and in downtown she could see millions of people looking for that perfect

gift for their loved one. Lita looks to the side of her to see a new

five-story building. A tall man runs into her not noticing that she was

walking into her. Lita looks at him her cheeks became rosy red as she found

her self in front ofÖ

Lita: "Taiki!"

She jumps on him, Taiki looks up to see Lita in the air with her arms open.

Taiki: "Hu? Lita!"

The both land on the floor, Lita squeezing him tightly.

Taiki: "Take it easy Lita, I missed you as well."

Lita: "Where have you been? How come you haven't called?"

Taiki: "I thought you were still dead."

Lita Itís a long story, do you and your brothers still live in your old


Taiki: "I was on my way home, care to join me?"

Lita: "Only if you are inviting."

The two go off with a smile and faces looking at each other. At Taiki's

house Lita sat down looking at everything. Taiki went to call the guys in,

amazed what they saw. She turns around and blushes a bit harder as they look

at her.

Seyia: "Its it really you?"

Yaten: "This can't be real."

Lita: "Yeah, I'm real and alive."

Yaten: "Does this mean that Mina and the rest are alive as well?"

Lita: "Mina is alive and so is Ami, Rei, Serena, you name it we are all


Seyia: "But how did it happen?"

Lita: "There is another Senshi out there that revived us. Galaxia became

evil again, so we were revived to defeat her. Unfortunately she was killed

by the new sailor Senshi."

Yaten: "What's this new Senshi's name?"

Lita: "His name is Juan or Sailor Adonis."

Seyia: "Another Him, does he change into a woman when he transforms?"

Lita: "No, he stays a man when in Sailor Scout. He also seems to.."

Taiki: "What? What is it?"

Lita: "Well this is going to hurt Yaten really bad."

Yaten: "What is? Is it about Mina? What did he do to my Mina?"

Lita: "He's done nothing to her really. I'll tell you later in the meantime.

How are you guys doing?"

Yaten: "Please tell me about Mina please."

Seyia: "Well, we've ended out singing carrier, a group gladly took our place

for us."

Lita: "So you guys retired just in time."

Taiki: "Yeah, we have so much things that we practically finished it up with

a bang."

Yaten: "Helloo! Lita! You've to tell men about Mina."

Taiki: "The house is paid off and out money never seem to end."

Lita: "Sounds like you guys are living on a gold mine. Ok, ok, ok, Yaten

I'll tell you about her. Come on we better go to the backyard."

Yaten: "Thanks."

Lita: "I'll be back."

Yaten and Lita walk into the back yard.

Lita: "Ok Yaten, she's in love with Juan. They first day tat we were revived

he a fondness for her. As quickly as it started they fell for each other.

Now they are in love."

Yaten looks at her blankly he was in shock. He couldn't believe it, she fell

for another and she promised him that they would forever be together. He

snapped back into reality. Lita wasn't in front of him anymore; she was

walking into the house the guys were talking about the girls.

Seyia: "Do we still have Ami's and the girl's phone number?"

Taiki: "I think we have Serena's but the rest we met by fate remember?"

Seyia: "I'll call her house, maybe she there."

Lita: "everyone lives in a separate and new house. Mina lives in her own,

Ami lives in the same one, I as well live in the same home, but Darien and

Serena bought themselves one and live together."

Taiki: "And Juan, where does he live?"

Lita: "Well this is going to get you guys, you see Juan and Mina are now

engaged and are living together."

Seyia & Taiki: "What!?"

Lita: "Yeah, her love life sky-rocketed after a couple of days."

Yaten walks in the three watches him storm out.

Seyia: Where are you going?"

Yaten: "Gotta take care of something."

Lita: "Your not going after Juan are you?"

Yaten: "Ö"

The door slams hard behind him, the screeching tires fade away.

Seyia: "Did you tell him about this?"

Lita: "Well yes."

Taiki: "You know better thank to tell him that. He's probably no murder the


Seyia: "We got to stop the guy before the fight kicks in, with Yaten almost

anything can happen."

Taiki: "He took the Porsche, come on well take the turbo come on!"

They took off after Yaten hopping to stop the fight before it starts.

Meanwhile, in the moon castle, Mina, Serena and Juan both talked while

playing a card game call Uno. (One) Juan turns around to see what was behind


Serena: "Juan is everything ok? You keep turning your head back there."

Juan: "I could feel someone there, looking at use, as if it was ready to

pounce on one of us."

Mina: "Where?"

Juan: "Back there be hind the wall that leads to here."

Mina: "It's just your imagination running off with your instincts. Come on

enjoy the game, ok who was next."

Serena: "I'm next, pass me a card."

Juan still looks back while Yaten stays hidden as well peaking between the

gap on the wall. His angered face seemed to turn more with anger he stares

at Mina.

Yaten thinking: "How could she fallen for him, She promised that she would

be mine no matter what came, death, or another man. Juan what does she see

in you, your not as handsome as I am. Your certainly not as smart as I am,

you donít dress as good than me.

Soon as I can get you alone you are going to regret it, I swear Juan I will

win Mina back from you."

Serena: "Guys I something to tell you guys, but before I tell you. Promise

me one thing."

Mina & Juan: "What's that?"

Serena: "You donít tell anyone what I am going to tell you. Darien wants to

surprise everyone."

Mina & Juan: "Deal."

Serena: "Well Darien got a job that is out of Central Tokyo, which means we

have to move to the border of Crystal Tokyo. I'm worried that I won't be

able to make it when you need me for battle."

Mina: "You can't be telling me this, we have to stay.."

Lita: "Mina: "Where's Juan?"

Juan: "I'm right here, what going on?"

He looks at Taiki and Seyia surprised to see them, he stands up and shakes

their hands.



Juan: "Seyia, Taiki so you do exist. I' am honored to meet you guys


Seyia: "Same here, Juan you didn't by any chance see Yaten yet have you?"

Juan: "Huh?"

His sense go wild he turns around to look behind him again, he snarls at the

wall again.

Seyia: "You can see him?"

Juan: "You mean that's your brother over there?"

Taiki: "Yeah, thatís him. How can you see min?"

Mina: "Feel not see, he has an instinctive ability to pick anyone by just

breathing the same air."

Taiki: "we have to get you two out of here. They guy is already to explode."

Juan: "Are you sure."

Mina looks back were Yaten was hiding, remembering what he does when mad.

Mina: "Honey we have to get out of here, he can be impossible when he mad."

Juan: "Mina get out of her, I'll be behind you."

He kisses her and looks back with anger.

Mina: "But.."

Juan: "Go I can feel him coming in fast!"

Yaten runs in transformed and wild, Juan looks surprised that he was

transformed. He turns to Sailor Adonis applies his shield to stop Yaten in

his path. Adonis jumps back and takes off flying, his shield disappears.

Yaten goes the other way to catch him before he leaves. Adonis reaches the

door but gets slashed by Yaten's fist. Jupiter stands above on the rooftop

looking down.

SS. Jupiter: "Cut it out Yaten, calm your self down."

SS. Healer: "You stole my lover."

S. Adonis: "Your what? Mina was your lover?"

SS. Healer: "She is my love and I want her back!"

S. Adonis: "Why donít you go back to where youÖ"

A flash of memory flashes by, remembering before Sailor Adonis. He cried

when Yaten and her flirt, kissed, and went out. Adonis' anger flared beyond

human emotions, changing him to super sailor. Jupiter jumps in between them,

looking at Adonis flaring fire and angered eyes.

SS. Jupiter: "Juan clam down you two can talk this over!"

SS. Adonis "Get out of my way, Yaten She was FOR ME!"

SS. Jupiter: "NO wait!"

He picks her up and throws her to the rooftop.

SS. Adonis: "I'm make you regret this. Prepare your self, I'm going to make

sure you pay for what you have done."

SS. Healer: "Then come and get it."

Jupiter lands on all four looking down again, as Star Healer and Super

sailor Adonis goes at it.

SS. Jupiter: "I got to stop them before they really get hurt!"

Adonis Flares on Healer resting the hits, the lock on to each other. Healer

stares in to his eyes, deadly green. They twinkle and a red laser burst out,

he moves away hitting his cheek. Jupiter lands beside them She looks at them

this time aiming for a split hit.

SS. Jupiter: "Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Golden Oak Evolution!"

Her golden oak leaves surround her then fly off hitting between Healer and

Adonis. They both fly out of the leaves path. They both look at her

finishing her attack. Healer lands on her two feet, Adonis hands in mid air,

looking down at Healer, growling madly. She could see a red lighting hitting

each other.

SS. Healer: "I'll be back Adonis and next time no one is going to stop me

from getting rid of you."

SS. Adonis: "I'll be waiting for you Yaten and I'll be waiting."

Healer jumps form roof to rooftop, Adonis looks at him jumping off and

disappears from the last rooftop. He takes a deep breath grabs her and takes

off to Serena's House.

S. Adonis: "Jupiter remember one thing, I can get very offended when someone

talks or even hurts my beloved. Understood?"

Adonis Flys strait towards one of the tower then pulls, they could see the

people inside looking out. Jupiter screams as they barely avoid a passing


S. Adonis: "Understood?"

SS. Jupiter: "Yes, I do! Please don't take this wrong but you shouldnít be


S. Adonis: "I'm fine, just hold on."

He turns to super sailor again and flys off at top speed. At Serena's house

Adonis grabs Mina, takes off, Lita and Taiki walk off away. Taiki looks at

her as she stares down

Taiki opens his mouth trying to say something, but nothing comes out. He

nods, holds her hand, she looks up and smile at him. She gets pulled into

his arms she lays her head on his chest.

Lita: "I shouldn't have told him about Mina and Juan, none of this wouldn't

have happen."

Taiki: "He would have found out himself, I don't want to talk about this. I

missed you Lita, I missed you so much that I never knew what was taken from

me until I saw you again."

She could feel his heart throbbing; her cheeks were glowing lightly. Her

eyes seemed to move as she looked up at him. I light breeze passes by, in

his eyes he could see how lonely she was with out him; he couldn't help but

smile at her. She holds his hand and runs off. Taiki tries to keep up with

her, they stop in a near by park the sun was setting. To the side of her was

a giant moon, glowing as if it was the sun only not so bright. Laughing all

the way down to the lake, they both stop at it watching the moon arise. They

sat down looking at each other, he could have sworn she grew wings. He shook

his head, now she looked like an angel.

Lita: "Come and fly with me my love. Take me away from this earth, take me

away from my painful life."

He couldn't believe what they were doing, they were flying all over town. At

last they arrive back in the park, they healed each other tightly. Their

breath following another, he could feel the warmth of her body. The beating

of her heart, he brought her closer and closer. Finally they kiss holding

each other tighter the stars above them begin to fall. The starlight seem to

rain down at them, they finish their kiss and look up to see the moonlight

rain down. They sit down on a near by bench she places her head on his chest

again, felling his heart beat rapidly.

Lita: "Taiki?"

Taiki: "Yeah?"

Lita: "Will we ever stay together?"

Taiki: "I want to no matter what Lita, and if anything tries to stops us we

will face it together."

Lita: "I missed you so much, I missed everything we did before we died."

Taiki: "Shhhhhh, let's cherish the moment we have and watch as the moonlight

light our way."

They kissed again and watch the stars fall across the sky. The next morning

came Lita walks out of her house and in hales a deep breath of fresh air.

She looks up at the sun rising before her. Adonis came to view she waves at

him and calls out his name.

Lita: "Hey Adonis! Down here!"

S. Adonis: "Huh?"

He looks down to see her waving her hands, jumping up and down. He stops and

floats down, he saw he her big bright smile.

S. Adonis: "Hello, this is something new. I never saw you smile like this

before. Care to tell me what happened?"

Lita: "It was Taiki, he was soo romantic last night, I couldn't believe it."

S. Adonis: "Don't tell me you two.."

Lita: "Yeah, we kissed, this what the first time he meant it."

S. Adonis: "NO way, you two love birds kicked it off. So when can we double


Lita: "Oh, Juan you can be such an over exaggerator aren't you."

S. Adonis "Come on you got to tell the girls this, I bet you they will all

start jumping like rabbits."

Lita: "Umm, Juan."

S. Adonis: "Yeah?"

Lita: "I have to ask, where were you coming from?"

S. Adonis: "Huh? Oh, I was going to Serena's house to pick Mina up. Found

and bought a new home for us. Rapiers are after her, so we have to move."

Lita: "Oh, gosh. I didn't know, I'm sorry."

S. Adonis: "For what? This is how we live our life, normally. But I donít

want to bore you with our life problems come on! We friends to go to."

Lita Jumps on and they take off, at Serena's house Serena and Mina were

waiting for him to arrive.

S. Adonis: "Hey girls I'm here and look who I found on my way back."

Lita jumps off and starts to explain about what happened last night. All

three starts jumping like excited rabbits. Adonis lands and chuckles. Darien

and Seyia walk out of the house and looked at the girls still jumping.

Seyia: "What's all the excitement all about?"

Adonis walks and stands next to them.

Darien: "What's going on?"

S. Adonis: "Taiki and Lita went on their first romantic night."

Seyia: "Taiki? Romantic? Did I hear right?"

Darien: "Why do you sound surprised?"

Seiya: "Taiki is usually quiet and shy when it comes to a woman he likes."

S. Adonis: "You're right, you should be surprised."

Darien: "So they hit it off, finally the end of Lita's loneliness."

Seyia: "Speaking of which, did you find a new house Darien?"

Darien: "yes, and it should do nicely with the new family that will be

arriving pretty soon."

S. Adonis: "You meanÖ"

Darien: "Yes, she's pregnant."

Seyia: "Well congratulations are in order my friend."

S. Adonis: "This is to good to be true, two great things at one day."

Darien: "She's due in about six months, which reminds me. Mina told me that

there are some guys after her, is that true?"

S. Adonis: "Yeah, it's true. I savaged what's left of out house. It's a good

thing we have the most important things here with you. Do you still have


Darien: "All in intact."

S. Adonis: "This should go great with the new house we got."

Darien: "You too?"

S. Adonis: "My love has to be safe you know."

Seyia: "Where is it?"

S. Adonis: " I'll send you guys the address and home when we get settled."

Seiya: "That's great, I hope it's not to far is it?"

S. Adonis: "It's in your neighborhood, We'll drop by sometime. Hey Mina,

let's go girl, time to check out our new home."

Mina: "Will we come back?"

Mina grabs on to his hand, the girls follow and stand next to Darien and


S. Adonis: "Of course, you're having fun here, and I need to get our thing

as well."

Mina: "Great."

The two flys off, Taiki drives in with the Porsche. He stops, cuts off the

engine and get out of the car. Lita instantly runs off and jumps on him. She

fills him up with kisses over him. Yaten just looks at them on the floor.

Yaten: "Well he down for the count."

Seyia: "There you are, where were you yesterday?"

Yaten: "I was out cooling down."

Seyia: "We needed some help with some leftover instruments."

Taiki: "Whoa Lita take it easy girl."

Yaten: "Darien long time no see man."

Darien: "Same here, it seems that everyone is well."

Serena: "Darien, tell him about the news."

Yaten: "What news."

Seyia: "Serena is pregnant, there're going to be parents."

Taiki: "No way man! My ears are playing tricks on me!"

Darien: "It's true she's due in about six months, we're hopping it's a


Yaten: "What's the little girl's name going to be?"

Serena: "Rini."

All the chatter stopped, everyone looked shocked and remember about Rini

from the future.

Lita thinking: "Man the time flew by fast."

Taiki: "Ready to go?"

Lita: "Yeah, See you guys later!"

Taiki and Lita jump in to the car and take off. They head into downtown

Tokyo, the crystals slowly moving beside them.

Lita: "Taiki?"

Taiki: "Yeah?"

Lita: "Where are we going to go for our date?"

Taiki: "Were ever you want to go?"

Lita: "Ok letís go to the Carnival that's near the Crystal Tower."

Taiki: "Hold on for the right turn."

Lita: "Wee!"

The car makes a sharp right with out slowing down. Taiki sense goes wild, as

they pass a building. Red sense lighting strikes him. He stops the car hard,

Lita holds on as the car stops, she looks at him.

Lita: "What's wrong Taiki? Why did we stop?"

Taiki: "Something isn't right here, I could feel an evil existence twice the

strength than Glaxia. I'm going in to investigate."

Lita: "Hey, wait for me!"

Taiki: "Sailor Star Maker! Transform!"

Lita: "Jupiter crystal power! Transform!"

Star form around Taiki as his microphone disappear his suit forms, as his

body changes to female.

SS. Maker: "I am Star Maker!"

Lita's transforming pen appears on her hand, as the nail polish dries.

Lighting flies out surrounding Lita, she spins with one arm up holding the

pin. The other spins with her pointing forward. She finally stops spinning

her two arms holds on to the pen. The lighting forms three circles around

her applying to her skin as it changes to a sailor suit. Her bows grow long,

the button in the middle change into a heart. It twinkles when she poses

with her sign behind her.

SS. Jupiter: "I am Sailor Jupiter!"



The two run inside the building, looking around them. It looks as if black

paint dripped and splashed all over. Star healer notices a body hanging from

the table, barely breathing. Jupiter examines the body, breathing heavy but

a lot of muligna in her.

SS. Jupiter: "She still alive, but she's filled with dark energy."

SS. Maker: "can you tell us who did this?"

Woman: "She left to the top floor, be carefulÖ Is very dangerous.."

The woman's body dies out as her body is reduced to ashes.

SS. Jupiter: " How high was this building?"

SS. Maker: " 15 stories high."

SS. Jupiter: "Come on we have to get to the top!"

SS. Maker: "It's 15 stories high, are you sure?"

SS. Jupiter: "Come on!"

Jupiter runs off, Maker follows her with a sigh. One the fifteen floor, the

red blinking lights go on and off. Yellow eyes open looking behind it,

staring at the doorway.

Old Woman: "Someone is coming from the stairs, my plains will not be

interfered with."

Star Maker and sailor Jupiter finally arrive, the red lights flashing on

their faces. Maker looks around and finds the emergency switch.

SS. Maker: "Nothing works up here, not even the lights. We better make our




Maker lets out her attack it shoots out from the building making a massive

hole. The sunlight shines into the building; they could now see alittle more

clearer than before.



Old Woman: "Welcome, I see you made your self at home."

She shows her yellow eyes as her old wrinkled body hides under a long

rob-like clothing.

Old Woman: "My name is Ismel, leader and queen of a new evil, I have fought

with you before, Sailor Jupiter. I know your strength can't compare to mine,

so give up while you have the chance."

SS. Maker: "Villains, haven't changed a bit."

SS. Jupiter: "Donít doubt what I can do, you old rag. Return the lives to

these people and return the peace to were it was once before."

Ismel: "Donít make me laugh, this world is all mine for the taking. I won't

let insects like you two interfere."

SS Makes: "We will keep coming back, until your destroyed old woman."

Ismel: "Donít say I didn't give you a chance."

She takes out her staff the sphere glows; she looks at them and smiles


Ismel: "Attack!"

The sphere lets out a make like monster; it's short back spikey hair shows


It's fit chest readies as well as it's body, Jupiter and Maker both look

surprised as it attacks. It takes out it's nail like claws and starts

swiping at them. Jupiter jumps back lading safely. She looked down to see

the left side of her arm with claw marks, she holds it and stops the


SS. Maker: "Your going to pay for that you demented monster! Gentle Uterus


Stars form around her waist then streaks up to her fists. She aims and

releases, the monster lifts up its hand and holds the laser in front of her.

It laughs insanely as it throws it back at her. Maker jumps out of the way,

while Jupiter sneaks up from behind.

SS. Jupiter: "Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Golden Oak Evolution!"

The golden oak leaves fire out hitting the monster down to the ground. The

monster turns around getting up and smiles wickedly at her as it raises it's

arm up. A massive explosion could be felt from Darien's house, they look up

to see it. Mina and Juan could see it from their rooftop. Their senses go


Juan & Darien: "Lita, Taiki! We have to go, Now!"

The monster looks around; the building was cut off from the top.

Ismel: "Maybe you put too much into it.""

The monster agrees with her, both Ismel and the monster look with wide eyes

to see a figure standing. Lighting surrounding her forming three circling

rings, her suit was no longer green it was golden. Her eyes yellow and green

with in, the thing steps back. The lighting turned into fire, she step

froward, her eyes disappearing into white.

GS. Jupiter: "You wasted my time already, you may have the ability to

destroy anything, I won't let you ruin MY DAY!"

Her green fire brighten with more heat, her eyes are now gone. She walks

forward the thing runs after and towards her. It attacks again throwing all

the swipes it can do, Jupiter calmly stands there with an angered face

blocks one by one. She throws her fist to itís face, making it look like a

prune face.

GS. Jupiter: "Prepare your self, for something new! Golden Jupiter! Golden

dragon Arise!"

Lighting strikes the ground surrounding her as it flows through her body.

The fire burns bright; the ground begins to shake. The lighting begins to

form a dragon, her hands electrified, her body moves the dragon. She punches

the ground, the dragon follows as command. She picks up her arms, the dragon

shoots out from below the monster. The dragon returns to her body.

SG. Jupiter: "Here have some more!"

She thrust off at full speed her hands move fast, they leave blurs behind.

The monster tries to block but ends up getting hit. Jupiter jumps back,

focusing her strength even more. The monster stands there dizzy, looking for

something to attack. Jupiter's fist and legs receive lighting, she looks up

and sprints against him. The monster looks up, Jupiter Begins punching and

kicking. Each hit she gives he screams out, she hits one last time and flys

back. The group arrives at last, they run in but Adonis stops them.

S. Adonis: "NO wait, let her fight! I want you guys to see something."

GS. Jupiter: " I'm going to personally finish you off!"

Jupiter focuses all her strength, Ismel looks with open eyes. Lighting and

fire mixed up on high Jupiter dashes off. The monster catching his breath

looks up again, only to see a dragon made of lighting face him. Jupiter

throws out her punches, making a hole in his stomach Jupiter lands behind

him. She stares down at Ismel, as the monster moans and falls to the floor.

Jupiter crosses her writs together then apart, the monster behind her

reduces to ashes and explodes.



GS. Jupiter: "Care to be the next?"

The old woman disappears, Jupiter stands there her fire disappears.

Jupiter's fire disappears and her eyes return to normal, she turns around

behind her to look for Taiki. His hand sticks out from all the rubble on the

floor, the group walks towards her and helps her get Taiki out. Taiki's face

gasps for air more of his body was hidden under what was the building's




GS. Jupiter: "Taiki are you alright?"

Taiki: "Arrgh, Yeah, sort of watch it with my legs."

S. Adonis: "He's hurt pretty bad Lita we have to get him out of here."

Taiki: "Where's the Ismel?"

GS. Jupiter: "She's gone."

Taiki: "And the monster?"

S. Adonis: "Destroyed for good. Come on well take you the castle so you can

start healing. Lita come on, you coming with me."



GS. Jupiter: "What about the car?"

Seyia: "I'll take it to the castle, you two get going."

Adonis holds Taiki while Lita grabs his back they take off. Lita looks back

at the building to see how much damage was made. At crystal towers, Taiki

regains his strength. Lita sits by his side while everyone looks at them.

Darien: "So what happened to Lita's sailor Suit? Why is it golden instead of

white and green?"

Juan: "I donít know how to tell you guys this but. We are not looking at

super sailors anymore. Ami, Lita and Mina are golden Senshis. The next level

in sailor fighting ability, Rei you are the next to become one your self.

The thing is that I don't know where to teach you this technique so just

keep your gourd up."

Rei: "But how does a Scout turn into a Golden Sailor?"

Juan: "I can explain that but it's also hard to understand. You guys

remember the seeds that were put back into your body when resurrected?"

Lita: "What about it?"

Juan: "Well I couldn't take off the golden shield, I notice something with

your seeds.

There was no shield from the brick seed stealer, when the Golden Senshi shot

you your seed was not only in terrific shape, it absorbed the Golden

Senshi's power that she used.

Even as we speak the seeds are alive and are increasing your power and

strength 3 times more than hers."

Everyone stood silent looking at him, a sweat drop appears behind his head.

Seiya: "That explains it pretty much, do you know any side-effects?"

Juan: "Just one that I have noticed with my Mina's training."

Seiya: "And what that?"

Juan: "More aggressiveness when attacking and whenÖ Never mind."

Mina Stares down at him, he sweats a bit and gulps.

Seyia: "And When what? Can you tell us?"

Mina Stares at him ever harder, Juan almost bending his shaking knees.

Juan: "I can't really tell you right now. UmmmÖ can you excuse me for a




The two leave out the door, sounds of rough playing and punches are heard,

they look at each other Mina and Juan walk back in. Everyone looks at them

with there hair messed up.

Seyia: "ok, I won't ask again then. I think I should look at the seed, Juan

do you have a piece of that seed?"

Juan: "I have a piece at my room closet, I'll go get it."

Mina: "I'm going with you."

Juan: "ok but you go first, I can't trust you when you're behind me."

He winks at her she giggles and runs out the door, he runs after her as

their voices fade away.

Lita: "I think I know what that other side effect that he couldn't say."

Seyia: "Can you tell me?"

Lita: "Your going to have to put your ear near me so I can tell you."

Seyia walks next to her she whispers into his ear, Seyia's eyes open wide.

Seyia: "That what it is!"

Lita: "Yeah, I kind of feeling it myself, I know how to control it of


Seyia: "I kinda feel bad for him, Mina is probably giving him problems."

Lita: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, they seem to like to play like this

everyday. Haven't you noticed her smile everytime she sees us."

Rei: "What are you two talking about?"

Lita: "Are you sure you really want to know?"

Rei: "uhu."

Lita: "Ok since you havenít turned into one yet it'sÖ"

Rei listens in while the door opens the two walking painting heavy and


Seyia, Rei and Lita look at them, Mina Smiling satisfied. They look

surprised as he hands him the golden piece of seed. Juan looks at them

wondering what the shock is, then he looks at Lita, and she winks back at


Juan: "Oh, so you know. It's not what you think it is, trust me. Lita you

better control your self girl."

Seyia and Ami look at each other and nod.



Ami: "We'll be Back."

Mina: "We better get going, Lita and Taiki need to be alone."

Rei: "Ditto."

Rei, Mina and Juan leave the room leaving Taiki and Lita alone.

Taiki: "What was that thing that you did over there anyway?"

Lita: "It's a new technique that I was taught, it can pick up your strength

and take to the edge of the envelope."

Taiki: "Oh I didnít know you learn so quickly."

Lita: "I learned it because I knew it would come in handy. Oh, Taiki I have

something for you."

Taiki: "Itís not that aggressiveness you have to give me is it?"

Lita: "No it's your Christmas gift I was holding for you when we met."

Taiki: "It's Christmas already? How long have we been here?"



Lita: "Weíve been here for two days, and to tell you the truth, you're

healing up nicely."

Taiki: "Man time flew by fast, ok let me have it."

Lita: "ok."

Lita hands hi his gift, Taiki was going to grab it, Lita pulls it away. He

looks at her confused, she winks and kisses him madly. Taiki's eyes showed

that he was surprised, she stops kissing him and hands him his gift. He

opens it rapidly and fast, the paper flys Taiki lifts it up. Its, a new

sweater. Lita smiles at him he returns the smile.

Lita: "Do you like it?"

Taiki: "This is really cool, where did you get this from?"

Lita: "I made it myself, it took me half a day to make this. Does it fit


Taiki: "It fits me great! Lita you never stop amazing me Thanks. But now I

feel really bad about this."

Lita: "Hu? What do you have to feel bad about?"

Taiki: "I couldn't get you a gift, the sweater that you gave me is.."

Lita: "Hush, I have my Christmas gift."

Taiki: "What is it?"



The lays on him holding him tight she smiles, Taiki thinks for a second and

smiles as well.

Taiki: "oh, I see."

Lita: "I love you."

Taiki: "I love you, merry Christmas Lita."





The End




Next episode: Sailor Moon X: The battle for love.