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Hello! I'm glad you're here. This page is dedicated to two characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ayanami Rei and Ikari Shinji. It's not a monster page by any standard, but I did do my best. As to why I choose to make character pages on these two and not some other Eva characters, well, I simply like them best among the Eva people. And no, I'm not pairing them or anything.

Let's see, what does this page have to offer? For Rei and Shinji I've got various kinds of pics, links and bios. I also put my opinions on various Eva-related things here, should you care to read them. If you want to take anything from this page to put into yours, help yourself, but please put a link back to me. That's all I ask.

One word about the pics: the actual ones look better than the thumbnails (I'm not good at thumbnailing pics, I'm afraid).

Click on Rei and Shinji's pictures to go to their personal pages.

NOTE: I'm not going to update this site again, but I'll leave it as it is, as long as GeoCities is willing.

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