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Hello, minna-san!! It's me, Star Mirage! Welcome to my fanfiction page. There is a collection of my own fanfics. Not so large one, but all works are mine, mine and only mine! ^_^ And I keep on writing.

WARNING: Almost all my stories have some YAOI references (male/male relationships). Consider yourself warned!

I've all my fics marked for the best understanding of their contents. And I'd love to get feedback on my stories, so if you like them, let me know! E-mail me at: If you wish to post any of my stories on your site - just email. Okay? I'll put your site in my link list.

One more thing: this page keeps fanfics that had been writen in English. But English is not my native language, so don't mind my poor gramma, please. Ok? For those who want to know what my native language is, I'll tell. It's Russian. I have a lot of fictions that are in Russian (and they are not only YYH and SD oriented, but Fushigi Yuugi, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing and etc) If you can read Russian then visit my Russian site Fanfics From Russia...

Well, that's it for now! But I'm always writing, so check back often!

Standard Disclaimers:
Yu Yu Hakusho
and its characters belong to Yoshihiro Togashi, Jump Comics, Fuji TV and Studio Pierrot.
Slam Dunk belongs to Takehiko Inoue, IT Planning, TOEI Animation, Jump Comics.
Yami no Matsuei belongs to ... (I'll write it later, because right now I don't remember whom it belongs to)
Harry Potter is a property of J.Rowling and "Warner Brothers" company.

News: The biggest news is that I'm again began to write fanfics. Thanks to my dear friend, who always nags me about writing some Harry Potter story. So, voila, I began to write not only HP, but also my long-suspended stories also. Therefore, you'll see continuation of your favorite fanfics soon!

«Harry Potter»

What is your secret? [on-going] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
[Mystery/Romantic /Magic]
One night Harry found a strange room, hidden behind the 'Sands of Time' picture. Why it is so unusual? And what a silent phantom of Malfoy is doing in the room, while his living prototype inhabits Hogwarts?

«Yami no Matsuei»

Like You [complete] To the top
[ 1 ]
That's just something that Hisoka thinks about his partner. Well, what he REALLY thinks about Tsuzuki.

«Slam Dunk»
(if you don't know what the anime it is, look here)

The Kitten [complete] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]
+ [pic "The kitten" by Hana Ling ]
+ [pic "Hanamichi-kitten" by Patty Nixon]

The entire Hanamichi's day was very unlucky because of a black cat that had crossed his way at the morning. Hanamichi was furious... He wanted to take his revenge on the black creature, but everything is not that simple... Do you want to know why our red-head Tensai became a kitten?

His Smile [on going] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]
The star player of a Shohoku's basketball team - Rukawa Kaede - was kidnapped... Why? Who did it? There are some versions, which will be checked up by his teammates. And how will be doing his swore enemy - Sakuragi Hanamichi? Would he be exult at Rukawa's absence or vice versa? And don't forget about Sendoh, who knows Rukawa's secret...

I Changed My Mind [on going]  To the top
[ 1 ]
All we know that Rukawa is very popular in his school. Many girls dream of this handsome boy. But their admiration can be dangerous for him, if some of them have the very jelogious boyfriends. And one day there was an attempted murder on Rukawa's life...

Thunderstorm [complete] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
[Shounen ai]

For some inexplicable reasons Hanamichi was transferred in an entirely different world... Our (real) world. Bianka introduced him with all those fanfics that we (SD-fanfic writers) have written about our favourite SD-couple. Want to know what was the result? This fic dedicated to Bianka Lanon, who helped me with spellchecking some of my fics.

The Dragon's Mistake [on going] To the top
[ 1 | 2 ]

Lord Sakuragi wants to marry sweet lady Haruko. And he wants to conciliate her to himself with an unusual gift... Read yourself what Sakuragi's dragon brought to his master. Funny. And it will be a serial as well...

The Ghost [complete] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 ]

Hanamichi was knocked down by a car and he became... a ghost. Nobody can see him, except of one person. And that person is his archenemy... What our redhead will do?

«Yu Yu Hakusho»
(if you don't know what the anime it is, look here)

The Punishment [complete] To the top
For his loss of chess-match, Kurama has an unusual punishment - to be a "woman"... Well, this is a new look on the two certain demons meeting...

The Accident [complete] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

In a consequence of a car accident Hiei is in coma. His soul leaves his body, but for some reason even Botan does not see him. His friends have to decide the problem, before the fire demon will be dead... It was my first complete serial.

Love-Mark [complete] To the top
On account of Hiei's hot attention to his beloved, Kurama has some problems in his   school...

Obsession [complete] [Still withdrawn for reediting] To the top
There is one dangerous plant in Makai. And you become possessed by the first person, who you'll see after that plant's torn poisoned you... Meantime, four Reikai Tanteis went to Makai for an ordinary mission...

Always And Newer [complete] To the top
[Shounen ai]
Shuuichi Hatanaka fall in love with the most beautiful person that he'd ever seen... Well, read yourself. Slightly sad story, but romantic.

The Savior [on going] To the top
[ 1 | 2 ]

Kurama's ningen brother is in danger. And only one person can save his life - a handsome dark youkai with katana. Hehe, yeah, it's Hiei.

The Fox-prince [on going] [withdrawn for reediting] To the top
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

The parody of the fairytale. A beautiful boy was transformed into silver kitsune. But even in such form he can fall in love...

More stuff soon!

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