Chamber of the Fayth

I'm still in the middle of playing FFX
But it easily is ranking up there as my absolute favorite game since
I discovered the original Star Wars Arcade game as a kid!
Above are some pics of a few of the characters. Yuna, Tidus, and Lulu. It's really hard to find good
pictures of Kimahri and Wakka, so they will be added as soon as I find them.

It's fun to sit back and watch the certain parts that the game plays on its
own. That's when the truly amazing and life-like graphics appear. But
sometimes that can get annoying too. And you wish you had a little more
control over a character that's acting like a true dork. But Yuna's Sending
Dance is truly beautiful. And the music is really lovely. The aerial views of Luca too are amazing.

I haven't yet figured out how to play blitzball yet. But my friends and I kept the Goers from scoring a point for half an hour even if we didn't win eventually.
The battles can get tedious...but I guess that could also be my fault when I walk around the Kilika jungle for over an hour trying to rank up points on the Sphere Grid so I don't get wasted by the Sinspawn up at the temple. *_*
Well, after nearly a month of playing I can do the Jecht Shot! Though It would be a lot cooler if I could actually use it during the blitzball tournament. Unfortunately Tidus hasn't been participating alot in my recent games. So his skill level never gets high enough to actually use it. It would be awesome to win one game too. I hear Wakka gets some added skill or something if you do.

Right now I'm enjoying all the new weaponry I'm finding on the way to the end of Operation Mi'ihen. I love the Stunning Steel Tidus has. Though his Variable Steel is cool too. I haven't gotten Wakka the TKO yet. But I will! And all the Overdrive levels. Wow! 0_0 It's sooo cool! I just got this new Flame Blade for Auron and I love the fact it can get rid of those fire Mushrooms in one blow. They're so annoying!

I finally found some new pics to put up here. Give me a week or so.