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Disneyed, A Disney Animation RPG...

~Last Updated June 29th, 2007~

.... Causing Trouble since APRIL 2nd, 2007....

Welcome to Disneyed. A Disney fandom RPG, where the human and Disney verses collide. Come take a look around, and read all the information. If you find this is the RPG for you, then we'd love you to stay and be part of it.

UPDATES: Updated Archives, and Characters Page....

Say no to Alcohol, girls and boys, or you'll see Pink Elephants On Parade.... =X

Disclaimer: Not affiliated to Disney company, and etc. This is an RPG. This is done for the sole purpose of having a good time and having a nice crackhead scene done here and there. I am not making any money out of this, and I don't like being sued because I'm poor. Yes? Ok. Also, all the Disney characters used for this RPG are property of their creators at Disney company, and the actors used to portray these characters are property of themselves. I know none of them nor do I own any of them. Period.