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What is Mahikari?

Mahikari is of Japanese origin, it was established as a spiritual organisation in 1959 by Yoshikazu Okada. He is referred to as Sukuinushisama (great saviour), after receiving a series of divine revelations ordering him to save the world centring upon Japan, he started the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan sect. Members understand that Okada was never involved with any religious organisations but nevertheless had a deep wish to save the world. Recognizing this wish, God selected him to collect seed people or the `chosen ones' for the next holy civilization, which is soon to dawn.

Okada was ordered to reconstruct King Solomon's Temple as testimony to the importance of his and the chosen ones mission. Members are taught and practice a `unique' healing method said to solve all sorts of problems and ailments. In order to facilitate a smooth and quick transition to the new civilization or theocracy, much focus is directed towards recruiting high profile members of society. Total membership is approaching the two million mark with around 1/3 of members being non Japanese. Mahikari is active and established in almost every nation on earth.

What most members are unaware of, or simply not told.

Yoshikazu Okada was a high ranking officer, Lieutenant Colonel, in the Japanese Emperor's Imperial Guards. The height of his military career occurred during the invasion of China when he and his regiment were involved in`The Rape Of Nanking'. When Nanking surrendered, the Japanese systematically tortured then murdered 200,000 surrendered civilians and raped 20,000 women.

To these 'men', the second World War was a holy war designed to spread the Emperor's divine reign to the four corners of the globe. Okada remained an ardent believer in the 'divine status' of the Emperor despite General MacArthur's directive and the new Japanese constitution prohibiting such a belief.

Mahikari has split into several factions, the largest one being Sukyo Mahikari. Others include; Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan, Mahikari Seihono Kai, Yokoshi Tomo no Kai, to name a few. Okada was a Minister in another similar religious organisation, Sekai Kyusei Kyo, before he established Mahikari and strangely whose doctrine is identical in many ways to Okada's`revelations'! He was sacked from his Ministerial position for allegedly sexually assaulting a female member of his congregation.

Recently an ex-member, who was once a high ranking official within Mahikari managed to flee the cult and has documented his frightening account in a book entitled, "All The Emperor's Men." This book takes the reader deep into a mysterious and forbidden world of Gods, spirits, rituals and global conspiracies. Never has anyone returned from such a realm to the real world to tell the story. For any student of oriental and `new age' religions,this unique work is a must!

For a comprehensive synopsis which includes startling photos of such things as Jesus Christ's grave, King Solomon's Temple revisited, Japan's new forty five metre high pyramid and more!


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