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MPZM-3 Hades Multi-Purpose Missile

Type: Short range all mode anti-mecha/surface/ship mini-missile
Service Use: Unknown, estimated to be tens of thousands of years old, used by the Marduk Empire
Length: 38 cm
Diameter: 20 cm
Wingspan: none
Weight: 24 kg
Warhead: (A) Plasma
(B) High explosive armor piercing multi purpose
Weight/Yield: 8 kg
Propulsion: Hybrid rocket engine
Guidance: Combined IIR and active radar
Max Speed: Mach 7.2
Acceleration: 7.0 G
Range: 12 km (atmosphere), 31.3 kps delta-v (space)
Platforms: Gilgamesh Type I, Gilgamesh Type II


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