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IFV-12 Apache Infantry Fighting Vehicle
ACC-12 Apache Armored Command Carrier

I. Dimensions


Total Length: 6.8 meters 6.8 meters
Total Width: 3.8 meters 3.8 meters
Total Height: 2.0 meters 2.1 meters
Dry Weight: 16 metric tons 18 metric tons
Operational Weight: 18 metric tons 20 metric tons

II. Type

III. Service Use

IV. Propulsion



Fuel Capacity:

V. Performance

IFV-12 ACC-12
Power-weight ratio: 47 hp / ton 37.5 hp / ton
Maximum road speed: 180 kph 158 kph
Maximum cross-country speed: 166 kph 126 kph
Maximum water speed: 12 kph 8 kph
Fording depth: 6 meters 6 meters
Cell duration:(*) 100 hours 100 hours

VI. Electronics

Radar tracking:
Optical tracking:
Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS):
Command and Control System (ACC Only)

VII. Armament



VIII. Armor

The armor on the Apache is a standard Chobam laminar developed in the late 20th century and improved with the materials science advances made during the Robotech era. This armor was mainly designed to defeat projectiles and other kinetic weapons. The armor stops all small arms, and heavy infantry weapons fire, provides good resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, and provides fair resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie's 55mm APFSDS round.

The Apache provides full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using an overpressure crew compartment environment activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The internal consumables supplies can provide atmosphere for one week maximum.

IX. Development

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