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Hughes IM-07 Black Widow Infantry Mini-Missile

Type: Short range anti-mecha rocket propelled grenade.
Service Use: (A) 2050-2060 RDF (All branches)

(B) 2058-2070 RDF (All branches)

Length: 17 cm
Diameter: 5 cm
Wingspan: none
Weight: (A) 4.1 kg

(B) 5 kg

Warhead: (A) High explosive 

(B) AP High Explosive

Weight/Yield: (A) 2.3 kg

(B) 2.8 kg

Propulsion: Rocket booster and sustainer engine.
Guidance: Combined passive laser and active radar.
Max Speed: 700 kph
Range: (A) 1.6 km

(B) 3 km

Platforms: VR-066, VR-071, VR-073, VR-077, VR-089, VR-099, VR-102


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