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Hughes MPM-10 Dirk Multi-Purpose Mini-Missile

Type: Short range, all mode anti-mecha/surface/ship mini-missile.
Service Use: (A, B, C) 2048-2065 RDF (All branches)
Length: 48 cm
Diameter: (A, B, C) 26 cm
(D) 36 cm
Wingspan: none
Weight: (A, B) 28 kg
(C) 35 kg
(D) 48 kg
Warhead: (A) High explosive fragmentation
(B) Plasma
(C, D) High explosive armor piercing multi-purpose
Weight/Yield: (A) 4 kg
(C) 13  kg
(D) 22 kg
Propulsion: Hybrid rocket engine
Guidance: (A, B) Combined IIR, UV/visual and active radar/home-on-jam.
(C, D) IIR
Max Speed: (A, B) Mach 6.8
(C, D) Mach 3.6
Acceleration: (A, B) 5.4 G
(C) 4.3 G
(D) 3.1 G
Range: (A, B) 6 km (atmosphere) 28.6 kps delta-v (space)
(C, D) 2 km (atmosphere) 12.2 kps delta-v (space)
Platforms: VF-11, VA-3, EVA-3, VAB-1, MBR-25 Mk I, ADR-14 Mk III, SDR-14 Mk III, RGM-78, RGM-79


The MPM-10 Dirk was designed shortly after the conclusion of the Third Robotech War in 2045 to replace the aging Hammerhead mini-missile in use by many different mecha as a close-combat missile. The original builders of the Hammerhead, Hughes Aerospace delivered the initial designs to the RDF in late 2046 and it was immediately approved by the RDF armaments board.  The Dirk externally looks similar to the old Hammerhead.  It has a short fat frame with no wings and fairly large warhead for its size.  Its onboard guidance system is nearly identical to that used in later versions of the Hammerhead, however, the Dirk does use a new more powerful engine providing it with excellent acceleration.  The Dirk comes in several variations.  The A and B types are the basic missile in use by RDF forces and a re a High Explosive and Plasma warhead respectively.  The C and D types sacrifice performance for firepower and are used by the missile launchers used by mobile suits.  The D type is also slightly larger than the standard MPM-10 and as such cannot be used in any launcher system aside from the RU-30 and RU-35 missile launchers. 

The Dirk entered service in 2047 and several different mecha including the VF-11 and all of the new Destroids.  While it saw little actual combat due to the lack of enemies in that time era, the MPM-10 proved itself a viable missile design in holding off anti-UTG forces and was also exported to the Republic of the Sentinels forces.  As engine technology improved and the anti-UTG forces became better equipped, the Dirk began to lose effectiveness and began to be phased out in favor of the newer MPM-23 Dagger beginning in 2055.

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