The Creators of the 4th Robotech War

Jeffrey R. Spillner (AIM Skull0023)- An aviation enthusiast and anime guru, Jeff has been studying for his instrument rating for the past three months.  Initially brought into the world of anime in 1992 by Robotech, he quickly expanded his horizons to include many other anime such as Dominion and Project A-Ko.  After several years of the intense anime study and lack of actual anime, Jeff graduated from Minnechaug Regional High School and began classes at Daniel Webster College (where the fun never starts) majoring in flight operations.  There he quickly meet many other anime fans who he made into full fledged otaku.  During college he began to delve much deeper into physics and astronomy as well as working on his private certification.  

The origins of the 4th Robotech War date back to 1995 when several of his friends began working on their own Star Trek designs.  Not being into Star Trek that much, he sought to port the SDF-01 into the Star Trek universe and found the Robotech Reference Guide (then the Robotech Technical Files Homepage) and began amassing stats from that site.  In 1997, he began initial work the Raptor-class and new SDF vessels which would become the foundation for this universe.  After deleting the wrong file (grrrr) he lost nearly everything he had worked on.  However, as from death comes life, this accident made him rewrite every file and pointed out many mistakes he had made before.  Originally titled the 5-Star Technical Files Homepage (to coincide with a never completed fan fic cursed by a lack of writing skills), the page while not receiving a lot of attention, kept him busy.  At college the pace of work on the page picked up and after several discussions with Rev Perez and Peter Walker, changes were made to the site.  In creating a Robotech RPG campaign at college, he decided that inserting the Macross universes into the Robotech would bring a unique aspect to the Robotech World and create and excellent campaign backdrop.  

Jeff currently does 90% of the grunt work for the page and is the driving force behind most of its files.  He currently resides in Columbus Ohio working at a Pizza Shop while attending night classes and taking aviation lessons.  Owner of a very extensive anime and J-Pop music collection, music videos, and clips along with a very, how should I say, unique knowledge of anime, Jeff is probably the most knowledgeable otaku I know (who else do I know that knows anime from the 1960's all the way to today). 

 His favorite:

Anime J-Pop Manga Movies (non anime) Books Music Airplanes (Real) 2D Girls
Macross / Robotech Move Ghost in the Shell Gladiator Hamlet Creed Boeing B314 Lynn Minmay (DYRL)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Two Mix Adolf Ben Hur Red Storm Rising BBVD Boeing B377 Misa Hayase
Mobile Suit Gundam X Japan Gundam 0079 Top Gun Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Enya F-14 Tomcat Rei Ayanami
Princess Mononoke Animetal Galaxy Express 999 Starship Troopers Robotech Novels Garbage F-16 Falcon Belldandy
Future GPX Cyber Formula Mari Iijima Slam Dunk The Hunt for Red October Turtledove's World War Series Ben Folds Five F4U Corsair Yukino Miyazawa
Space Battleship Yamato TM Revolution Area 88 James Bond (Any) Pacific War Goo Goo Dolls Boeing 747SP Ami Mizuno
Rurouni Kenshin Fire Bomber Battle Angel Airport The Red Baron Madonna Fokker DrI Natsuki Mogi
Martian Successor Nadeisco Gackt Dominion Ran Shockwave Beethoven Cessna 172R Matoko Kusangi
Dominion Tank Police TM Network Appleseed Iron Eagle Art of War Enigma A6M Reisen Nuku ^ 2
Initial D Malice Mizer Ah! My Goddess Das Boot Book of the Five Rings Queen B-17 Flying Fort. Saila Mass

Ron Ferrara -

Why am I here?  Well, the simple answer is that I know more about Gundam than Jeff does, so he uses my help with pretty much everything Gundam-related.  I’m way too damn anal about my Gundam info, everything needs to be right.  I’m also a former United States Marine, where I served as a 0331 machinegunner.  Oh yeah, I also know more about weapons than Jeff does, so he asks me questions there too.  Who else could estimate the weight of a 120mm AP round from a MMP-78 Zaku II machinegun? 

Jeff a bigger otaku than me?  Not a chance.  Hell, I’m growing my hair long so I can achieve “bishounen” status and get chicks like all those other pretty boys.  I dunno, it works in anime, so I’ll give it a shot in real life.  I’m also planning to color it all blue once I get that meter-long braid I want.  I also use Japanese in normal speech, not just when talking anime.  Ask Mike, he’ll say he knows I always answer the phone, “Moshi moshi?” 

I’m also the smartest one of the bunch.  176 IQ (OK, that was my max, I recently re-tested and got a 171) means I question EVERYTHING.  I philosophize quite a bit (as my parents would call it, “me and my theories”), and yes, I DO have an answer for everything.  Everything but the infamous, “So, what are you going to do with your life?”  Oh goddess, I hate that damned question.  To quote Treize Khushrenada, “It’s not that a pure person has no direction, it’s that their mind is free.”  So go stick that up your ass.  If only I could paid to think… 

Yes, I am a bit odd as well.  Eccentric really.  A general pain-in-the-ass and professional annoyance.  No, I don’t leave the house much.  Yes, I am fine with that.  I’m far too busy doing other things.  I run the 3rd largest (by content) English Mobile Suit Gundam webpage on the internet, and I’ve already written a book, a screenplay, various scientific theories, many personal letters and notes, short stories, a 400 page technical schematic for a plausible mobile suit, and even a porno.  Does that sound busy enough for you? 

I’m heavily weird.  Of course, most geniuses are.  Einstein had seven sets of the same clothes, so when he woke up in the morning he wouldn’t have to think about what he was going to wear (OK, so E equals MC… where’d I put that tie?).  You’d think intelligent people would be normal, but the thing is we know enough to enjoy life while it’s still around.  So I act my shoe size and not my age and I still get away with quite a bit.  No, I’m not modest because I see it as a weakness not a strength.  Those who don’t talk about themselves simply have nothing interesting to say.  And in a society where you need to “sell” yourself on paper to get a job, you’d think more people would expound their virtues, but they don’t.  And yes, I question the need for a resume as well.  What a crock. 

And I’m not going to college to learn something that I can either already do or teach myself to do.  But for some reason it needs to be on paper that I can do it, so I really can’t get anywhere with my philosophies, can I?  See the dilemma here?  I might be ranting, but the idea that you wait your entire life to grow up and be an adult just so you can go to work for forty years and accumulate enough cash to finally retire and enjoy life when your too damn old to do much of anything is ludicrous.  Money and material objects only distract you from finding the true purpose in life, which is to enjoy it and create a lasting impression on future generations with all your talent that you might possess.  I find that being rich is greatly overrated, and my goal is to be remembered somewhere history.
Guns Anime J-Pop Manga Books
M16A2 service rifle w/ M203 40mm grenade launcher Slayers Megumi Hayashibara Battle Angel Alita Shakespeare
M249 SAW Saber Marionette Masami Okui Slayers Making The Corps 
M2 .50 cal “Ma Deuce” El-Hazard Two-Mix El-Hazard Dante (Inferno, Puratory, and Paradise)
Mk-19 40mm machinegun Mobile Suit Gundam Animetal Mobile Suit Gundam The SAS Survival Handbook
M82A Barrett .50 BMG sniper rifle Rurouni Kenshin Romantic Mode Oh My Goddess! my old boot-camp ‘knowledge’
Record of Lodoss War TM Revolution Rurouni Kenshin Marine Special Warfare and Elite Unit Tactics
Key The Metal Idol L-sama Tenchi Muyo Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
Oh My Goddess! Porno Graffiti Ghost in the Shell those stupid DOOM novels because I was a huge DOOM fan
Neon Genesis Evangelion Yoko Kanno Sanctuary CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
Reserved for many, many animes Miho (Key The Metal Idol singer) Golgo 13 the bible (not because I’m a bible-thumper, but just because I like to match those damn religious freaks when I try to denounce the existence of God)


Michael Bornstein

Joshua Bernard

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