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Raytheon RMS-5 Armageddon Nuclear Strike Missile

Type: Long range air launched anti-spaceship torpedo.
Service Use: 2050-2070 RDF (Air Force, Navy, Space Navy, Marines, Space Marines, Special Forces)
Length: 410 cm
Diameter: 55 cm
Wingspan: none
Weight: 715 kg
Warhead: W-221 thermonuclear reaction warhead
Weight/Yield: Selectable from 50 kT to 500 kT.
Propulsion: Hybrid rocket engine
Guidance: Multi spectrum passive/active sensors and Galactic Positioning System (GPS)  with permissive action link (PAL).
Max Speed: Mach 7.8
Acceleration: 6.3 G
Range: 700 km (atmosphere) or 195.3 kps delta-v (space)


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