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Our Homepage features sights and social happenings in Singapore and in the South East Asia region with video stills taken fom the Sony TRV900E videocamcorder.
Most of the stills are captured using the Canopus DV Raptor video capture card and the Raptor Video software.
There are also stills captured using the Hewlett Packard S20 Photo/Film Scanner.
All pictures are compressed to suit the web.
If you like to see the the stills before it is optimised for the web, pls email us.
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Let us show you around at some interesting sights here in Singapore.
Riverside view of Boat Quay.
It is located in Singapore's business district.
Nice place to relax to watch the city's skyline
and to hop on one of the tour bumboats.
Yeah! What's so interesting about this concrete jungle.
Well, this is my neighbourhood. Somewhere in Woodlands, Singapore.
I live in an apartment building like the ones pictured.
This week's Feature Story:
'Celebration of the Eid in Singapore'
This festival is celebrated by Muslim worldwide after the fasting month of Ramadan.
Here in Singapore, we Muslim wish each other a 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri'.
All Muslims in Singapore, during
the first day of the Eid, must
visit their elders.
Like we did, when we visited our
mother at her home.
All members of the family are
all present.
To ask for forgiveness and to
show respect.
Also to instill brotherhood
amongst ourselves.
We also visited our relatives here in Singapore, and also in neighbouring  Malaysia.
Below are two lovely examples of the homely farm houses ('rumah kampung' in malay) of my relatives in Pontian, Johor, Malaysia.
This one is of a more modern variety. It seems the 'kampungs' had followed the times. Progressive scan picture.
I would say this house been around since the last world war. Very simple and cool interiors. Progressive scan picture.
Some pictures taken at the 'kampung'. Nice cool day with lots of sunshine at 4.00 pm. Progressive scan picture.
This picture is taken when the sun is covered by a cloud. The picture looks more blue than the other 2 picture above. This could happen if you don't whitebalance when lighting condition changes. Actually, I was caught off guard, as the cloud cover happened just before this shot taken. Progressive scan picture.
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