Evangelion: Innocence


~Don't leave me~Don't ignore me~Don't kill me~

    Welcome to Evangelion: Innocence. This page is for the serious eva addict, seeking out the truth behind one of the best anime series ever created: Neon Genesis (Shin Seiki) Evangelion. Before you continue, be warned; there are spoilers ahead.

"Piloting Eva gives me an identity, a purpose..."

-Inside the minds of the pilots, Rei, Asuka, and Shinji

"Did you make me become a pilot just to make me suffer?"

-Gendou Ikari, The man behind Instrumentality

What does she really wish?

-Misato Katsuragi: mother, sister, friend, lover, guardian, leader, seeker

You are scared, aren't you?

-Yui, Naoko, Ritsuko, Maya, Hikari - the women of Evangelion

"...its time to go maverick again"

-The hidden secrets of Gehirn, Nerv, and Seele

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