yo-yo's unite! [suboshi's shrine]
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    Yo Yo's Unite!!!!

    "You killed my aniki.. Amiboshi.. Amiboshi was my older brother!!"
    Seiryuu Shichiseishi Suboshi ~~:Volume 7, Episode 27(?):~~

    ? ? ?: It seems as though Seiryuu.Org's going to be down for a while... SO! While I'm waiting for it to come magically back to life, somehow, Yo-Yo's Unite will be relocated here.

    Suboshi: What do you mean 'here'?

    ? ? ?: I mean that your damn shrine will be here on this blasted Geocities site again for a little while!

    Suboshi: I curse your existance..

    ? ? ?: Don't take that tone with me, young man. Anyways, please continue onto Blue And White, Yo-Yo's Unite Version 6.0!