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Last updated was 3/7/01.

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Anime is Japanese for animation or cartoons.  Manga is Japanese for comics or comic art.  Anime started to blossom in  Japan around the 1940s.  Some of the earliest anime (such as Astro Boy and Speed Racer) came to America not until a few years later.  Anime in America did not hit the mainstream until the mid to late 80s and the 90s with such anime as Akira and Macross.
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The manga and anime that I like
Tenchi Muyo is one of my most favorite anime series that I have seen.  I don't have time to read the manga, so I don't know much about it.  For the anime, Tenchi Muyo can be seen on the OAV series called Tenchi Muyo:  Ryo-ohki series, Tenchi Universe (the TV series), and the new series called Tenchi in Tokyo (Shin Tenchi Muyo).  There are also three movies:  Tenchi the Movie-Tenchi Muyo in Love!, Tenchi the Movie 2-The Daughter of Darkness, and Tenchi Forever (Tenchi Muyo in Love 2).  There is also an alternate universe for Tenchi that stars Sasami as a magical girl Pretty Sammy in the Pretty Sammy series and Magical Project S.  Tenchi Muyo is a combination of comedy, romance, action, fantasy, and Sci-fi.  Click on the picture to go to my Tenchi Muyo page and learn more about the anime and the characters of Tenchi Muyo.
The manga series continues where the OAV series left off.  So you are always entertained by the wild adventures of the Tenchi gang.

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Oh My Goddess! (Ah! My Goddess/Ah! Megami Samma) is another favorite anime and manga of mine.  It deals with the story about Keiichi Morisato who one day while trying to order take out food dialed the Goddess Help Line.  The Goddess who answered his call was Belldandy.  She came to him to grant one wish and he wished that she could be his girlfriend forever.  From there, Belldandy's other sisters come, Urd and Skuld.  This anime is a romantic comedy with beautiful animation.  I will hopefully have an Oh My Goddess! site one day.
The manga pretty much starts out this way also, just that it is a longer series than the anime.  This is my favorite manga to read.
FFushigi Yuugi is another recent anime that I like.  It contains a story about a teenage girl named Miaka who is struggling in life to please her mom and get into a good college.  One day at the library, Miaka and her friend Yui come across an old Chinese book titled "The Book of the Universe of the Four Gods."  Once they read the book, they were teleported into the magical world of the Four Gods.  From there, Miaka becomes the Priestess of Susaku and finds the seven Susaku warriors that she needs in order to go home.  This is a great series.  Beautiful artwork, drama, comedy, action, suspence, and a really great opening sequence.  Also the manga is great and funny.
You can read the manga in Animerica Extra.
Di Gi Charat is my recent favorite series, or more like obsession.  Di Gi Charat (the main character) orginated as a mascot for an anime and video game store in Japan called Gamers.  Di Gi Charat reached so much popalarity that in 1998, Gamers along with Broccoli made a 16 episode series (with each episode lasting 4-7 minutes).  There has been a summer special that includes 4 episodes lasting 15 minutes each and a Christmas special.  This is a really funny and increadably cute series.  It can be weird and wacky at times, but you get used to it.  Click on the image to go to my Di Gi Charat page.  Note, it just started so there is really nothing there yet.  Give me some time and there will be more.
Some of my other favorite anime that I like to watch are:   Record of Lodoss War, Video Girl Ai, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Outlaw Star, Kareshi Kanojyo No Jijyo, and Berserk.  Anime movies that I like are Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Armitage III, and Vampire Hunter D.