Zack's music collection

Have fun listening to music I've collected. More will be added soon.

Final Fantasy 3's Opera Music

Kefka from Final Fantasy 3

A theme I got from Sailor Moon

Final Fantasy 3's Ending Music

Project Green's Theme

Chrono Trigger's Lavos music

Relm's Theme

Airship Music

Yuffie's Theme

Evil Music

Aeris's Theme

Sailor Moon Theme Song

Music from Chrono Trigger=^.^=

Ending boss Theme

Cyan's Theme music

Soldier of Love

The Anime Stations Theme

Jury Music from Chrono Trigger

Sad Tuxedo Mask Theme

Tuxedo Mirage

Outer Scouts Theme

Mercury no To jou

Eva's Theme

Fire Soul Love Song

Aino Senshi Music

Intro Music

More Midi's will be coming... Till then just stay tight cause were working on stuff.