This is a simple site, with a simple save Maison Ikkoku in North America.

Oct 13, 1999-Viz Communications has done an outstanding job publishing Maison Ikkoku in both manga and anime formats. But now, Viz has decided to end the Maison Ikkoku anime almost halfway through its run of 96 episodes. This page was created to show support for both the dubbed and subtitled verisions of the anime. Our goal is to get the final 60 episodes released in the same manner that Viz has published the first 36, in both dubbed and subtitled format.

Nov 1, 1999-Viz Video has announced that the subtitled version of Maison Ikkoku will continue, but will be available through mail order only. This means that no new videos can be purchased in stores anywhere. The dubbed version has officially been cancelled. This page is still dedicated to bringing the dub back, and making the subtitled episodes available to more mainstream fans.

Dec 31, 1999-The first 159 guestbook entries have been printed and are being sent to Viz Communications. Great job everyone! Keep it up!

Feb 21, 2000-IMPORTANT:Viz is conducting the "Animerica Fan Awards 2000" and Maison Ikkoku has been nominated in the categories of "Favorite Female", "Favorite Anime", and "Favorite Couple". PLEASE click HERE and vote for Maison Ikkoku in these categories. I think this is the single most important thing we can do for the next few weeks to show our support. If Maison Ikkoku wins its categories, then Viz will be much more likely to listen to our message. Thanks, and remember to vote MI!

Apr 11, 2000-Sent guestbook entries 160-250 to Trish Ledoux at Viz. Thanks everyone!

May 8, 2000-Received a response from Trish Ledoux, she was very encouraging about the project! Changed the address for Viz to a more specific person. Please write to Oliver Chen, head of marketing at Viz, for all MI complaints.

May 30, 2000-Sent letters of support to Maison Ikkoku's English dub cast, including Jason Gray-Stanford, Ellen Kennedy, Daphne Goldrick, Janyse Jaud, and Saffron Henderson.

June 10, 2000-The first guestbook has been completely filled thanks to everyones hard work. I've installed a new guestbook to take signatures. Thanks!

July 20, 2000-John C. Lee reports that he hosted the Maison Ikkoku panel at AnimeExpo2000 and that the discussion of MI sent several fans to the Viz booth. Hopefully this'll get those subbed tapes out faster and will definetly let Viz know how dedicated we are to getting this series the treatment it deserves! Thanks John!

August 15, 2000-While attending the Viz Panel at Otakon 2000, I got a lot of questions regarding the future of Maison Ikkoku answered, which you can check out here.

November 18, 2000-Added a banner to the MIA, a great new cause for Maison Ikkoku. Look for another update as I send out all the guestbook signatures again this week.

December 22, 2000-Sent out the entire collection of guestbook signatures to Viz. I think Viz has also finally ended Animerica's 2000 Favorites Poll. MI was hanging in there! Lets all hope it does well.

January 29, 2001-Huge News! Maison Ikkoku is set to be released on DVD soon! In a Q and A with MI executive producer Toshifumi Yoshida had this to say:
There is a DVD release of the first 36 episodes (of Maison Ikkoku) that were dubbed. If the sales on the DVDs are good, there is a good chance the dubs will start again.
To read the entire interview, please visit Ranma Perfect Edition.

February 24, 2002-Back in Action! News from Katsucon in regards to Maison Ikkoku. Toshifumi Yoshida wants to release a box set of all the episodes that have been dubbed so far (hybrid!!!) and if they do well, they'll dub and release the rest. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

March 7, 2003- We did it! After years of waiting all our hard work has finally paid off as Viz has announced that they will be releasing Maison Ikkoku in 12 episode boxsets beginning this summer! My site, Rumic World was lucky enough to break this story. Thank you fans for all your support over the years! We really did it!

With your help we can accomplish this goal. Below are various methods of showing your support for this outstanding series.
The first method you may decide to use is to sign our guestbook. Once we've gathered enough signatures we will send them in an e-mail to as many people at Viz as we possibly can.

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And you can view the first filled up guestbook here.

A second option is to contact Viz via e-mail at:
or by mail at:

Head of Marketing Dept.
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The final option is to place this button The Project to Save Maison Ikkoku in North America on your website, so that more people can learn about our cause. The coding is located here.

Other pages such as Lum's Stormtroopers, SOS, and The Obnoxious Petition for More Urusei Yatsura Manga have all faced similar daunting tasks, and have been able to accomplish some of their goals, with your support we can do the same! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail Yusaku Godai.

Also, please be sure to support the Maison Ikkoku on DVD Project, which would be a big help to all MI fans.
The Maison Ikkoku on DVD Project

Please support the MIA in their drive to get Maison Ikkoku on DVD as well.
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