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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is firstly appear in a PC-Engine game by HUDSON Soft in 1992, Since the game is popular it's Vol.2 is appear in 1995.

Due to it is popular and the characters inside the game are "Kawaii"(Qute) it's Anime(OVA) series 1 was produced in late 1995, and it's OVA series 2 start at 12/1996 and last vol. end at 06/1997.


About the Stories: 'YUNA' is look like ordinary High-School Girl but actually 'Yuna' is "Saviour of Lightside!" which fight to save the earth. She and her best friend ['Yuri' The Guardian](a robot found on the moon tomb which had lost all her memory). They both stay at the same normal human family. At the anime 'YUNA' was a pretty and charming girl. She don't want to hurt anyone even her Enermies, her sympathetic character makes those enermy become her friends. Besides these, those lovely characters in the anime are have many funny scenes it is suitable for all age.....^_^

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