Vivian, born on March 19, 1975.She was born in Taiwan and was raised there.She is a cute idol, and she is already well-known in Japan.She has won the grand prize in "Entertainment Beauty Girl Contest" which was hosted by a television station of Taiwan in 1990, and this chance made her debut as one of the trio,"Shojo-tai". Since then she marches up the golden road as an idol, and she is actively participating in singing, dramas and movies. In 1995, she finally made a debut in Japan.She played as a regular cast in "Miss Diamond", a drama by Asahi Television network production and her appearance in commercial are also fresh in our memories. In April of 1996, she has released her first album "Angel (Xiang)". She is giving her best in Japanese.

Real Name : Hsu Shu Chuan

Tawain and Hong Kong stage name: Xu Rou Xuan

Blood Type : "A"

Weight : 45 kg. ( 99 lbs)

Hight : 161 cm ( 5'3" )

Measurements : 33:22.5:33

Education :

- Taipei JianXing Elementary School
- Taipei ShuLinGuo Junior High School
- National Taipei College of Business

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