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Hello! Welcome to my little home page. Before you start, you might want to minimuze that little ad. Don't close it, or it will keep popping up as you travel around the page. This first part ofthe page is a sorta self- intro, and then there's links to things I've written and pictures below. Have fun!


wolf Jesus

I am a Christian, which means that I believe in Jesus Christ and trust in Him to save me from the punishment I deserve for being a sinful mess (and trust me, I am). And, He gives me true Life -- both here now, and even moreso in Heaven! It makes no sense for Him to love me like He does ... and so I love Him totally. God is wonderful and holds more out to give us than we can imagine - all we have to do is reach out and take it.paw

wolf Me

My name is Steve. I'm a 24 year old otter/golden-retriever ENFJ Christian boy from Oregon, but right now I'm working up by Seattle at Northwest College where I'm the Men's Resident Director. Sorta like a Dean of Men. It's a cool job, what with all my friends in the area! It's not exactly what I want to do forever, but for now it's a blessing bigger than I got words for. paw

wolf Family

My family is my mom (Geri) and my dad (Glenn), older sister Lori, a niece named Kate and a nephew named Josh, and an older brother named Erik (he's gotta wife named Melanie). Dad loves cars, especially Studebakers, and Mom loves tigers and bingo. Lori loves koalas and gardening. Kate dances rediculously well and Josh likes mechanical stuff. Erik is a youth pastor and likes Star Wars, and Melanie has a masters in speech pathology and works at a school or two. That's my family - we've got a lot of funky quirks, but it all kinda works out.paw

wolf Interests

I like a lot of stuff, but just about everything has to involve being with family or friends for it to be fun, like the outdoors, games, pretending to be philosophic, biting people and whatever else. Like you probably figured out, I like wolves. Cool animals. I also speak Japanese and stuff (lived in Japan for a couple years), but that feels now more like a job than and interest ... all started with the cartoons ... I also like to pretend to write and draw and act. It would be nice to do something with those, but God knows ... and that's a good thing!paw



Well, there ya go - that's the den! Write me and tell me whatcha think!


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