Welcome to the Arctic Era's Sailor Moon home page, here you will find some of the information about Sailor Moon (and soon Ranma 1/2).

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Sailor Moon with her cat Luna!

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Here are links to our other Sailor Moon Pages:

Our Sailor Moon Fanfic Page!

Our Sailor Moon Page. Come in here to learn more about her.

Here's Sailor Mercury's Page. I know of alot of fans of her!

Here's Sailor Jupiter's Page.

Here's Sailor Mars' Page.

Here's Sailor Venus' Page. This page is all about the illusive Sailor V.

Here's the Arctic's Sailor Moon Kitty Page. This page has alot of pictures of Luna, Artemis, and even Diana! Incase you don't know Diana is Luna and Artemis' ?????, Well you'll just have to come here to see for yourself!

Here's Tuxedo Masks' Page. Come in here to learn more about one of Sailor Moon's crush objects, the masked man!

The Arctic's Sailor Moon Enemies Page. This page contains information about alot of the major enemies of Sailor Moon such as Queen Beryl, Neflyte, Jedite, Zoicite, Malachite, Alan & Ann (these 2 will soon have their own page!), Rubius and his dark sisters.

Here's The Arctic's Sailor Friends' Page. This page contains info about people like "Molly", Sailor Moons best friend in the first season of Sailor Moon. It also has information about "Reni" and Melvin.

Here are some of our favorite links:

Our Sailor Moon and Other Anime Links Page!

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