The reason this home page is called Tiger and Eagle is because of the following:

A. I am the Tiger since that is my sign under the Chinese Lunar Calendar and I like Tigers. I am the protector of the house, a partner with the Eagle to maintain the house and the brawn of the house to take care of the yard work.

B. My wife is the Eagle, since she likes Eagles and she is a person of beauty, grace and intelligence. She is the caretaker of the house, she is a partner with me to maintain the house and she provides the warmth and charm for the house.

The Rose Is For My Wife, My Partner In Life and The Candle Is For The Light She Puts In My Life.

I respect, appreciate and admire her for the person that she is and for what she has accomplished with her life. I am very thankful and happy that I met her many years ago and was just as fortunate enough to be able to marry her.

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