(Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu)


The Daito-Ryu / Takeda-Ryu  lineage through SHIRO-SAIGO - YAMASHITA HOUEI - LIN PO

Saigo-Ha Takeda-Ryu Aiki Budo


SENWA TENNO 850AD - ( Emporor Senwa is regarded by many as the first in the Daito-Ryu Line.

Shinra Saburu Minamoto Yoshimitsu

1056 - 1127

Soke Shinka Saburo Yashimitsu Minamoto, (Minamoto no Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu ) (1045-1127), the last grandson of emperor Seiwa. Yoshimitsu, was the younger brother of Minamoto no Hachiman Taro Yoshiie (1041- 1108), who was considered to be the greatest warrior in all of Japanese History.

Begining of Takeda-Ryu Aiki Budo

Takeda Kunitsugo


Soke Takeda Kunitsugo, 1551-1592, moved to Aizu in 1574, where the art of Oshiki-Uchi was taught to the Aizu clan for the next 300 years . Daito-Ryu (also called Goshikinai ), became the official self- defense art at the Aizu castle.

Kunisigi Takeda, 1546-1582

Soemon Takeda


Soke Takeda Soemon, 1758-1853, taught a system known as Aiki-In -Yo-Ho (the aiki of ying & yang) and is the first to use the term "AIKI" in recorded Japanese martial arts history.( and he can be rightly called the true "father of Aiki")

Soke Tanomo Saigo


Soke Saigo Tanomo ( also known as "Chikanori Genzo" and "Hoshina Genshin" ) 1829-1905, student of Takeda Saomon, and sixth generation of the Emporer Seiwa, although he still called the system Oshiiki Uchi, he was the second generation to use the term Aiki . , He was born into the Kikuchi family based in Kyushu.

Soke Shiro Nashiyama, 1846 - 1932 (student of Tanamo Saigo,) founded the Kaze Arashi Ryu system.which is sometimes considered a branch or version of Daito-Ryu or AIKI .Nishiyama was first trained by the priests of the Shugendo Shinto sect at Dewa Shrine located at Mt. Haguro before he trained under Tanamo Saigo at the Nikko Toshugo Shrine. ( Although not pure DAITO - RYU, Kaze Arashi was influenced greatly by the techniques taught by Tanomo Saigo, which is why we list it here ! )

Sokaku Takeda


Soke Sokaku Masayoshi Minamoto Takeda , 1858-1942 , the grandson of Takeda Soemon ( 1758-1853) inherited the system from Tanomo Saigo, after mastering several other martial arts systems , including Ona-Ha-Itto-Ryu swordmanship , Hozoin spear-fighting, plus training with the reknown Sakakibara Kenkichi, of the Jikishin-Kage-Ryu .

It was in 1882 that things began to change. It was in that year that Kano Jigoro founded a new type of Jujutsu that he called Judo. Kano was a Jujutsu teacher who had studied under senseis Teinosuke Yagi and Hachinosuke Fukada of the Tenshin Shin'Yo-Ryu for two-years Later he also studied under the tutelage of Tsunetoshi Iikubu of the Kito-Ryu for another two years..

Jigoro Kano founder of Kodokan Judo

JIGORO KANO 1860-1938 was born in a small costal town outside of Kobe, Japan . His main martial theories were developed by his study of the "secret" books HONTAI and SEIKO which discuss the fundamentals of Nage (throwing) through the principle of KI-TO (to raise up - to strike down).

SOKE TOKIMUNE TAKEDA , 1916 - 1993 son of Sokaku Takeda, inherited the Takeda-Ryu line (mainline) Daito-Ryu system from his father. He was responsible for introducing/exporting Daito-Ryu outside Japan. ( He restructured and reorganised Daito-Ryu, crearted a better ranking system, and helped open the doors for westerners.)

SOKE MASANOBU TAKEDA, current inheritor of the Daito-Ryu Aiki jujutsu from the Sokaku Takeda line. ( He is a descendent of Sokaku Takeda's bother, who is married to Takeda Tokimune's first daughter) .He inherits the Tokimune estate including the Daito-Ryu scrolls ! *

Munimitsu Takeda, the younger brother of Tokimune Takeda claims to have legal rights to the Takeda Ryu ( mainline Daito-Ryu) of Tokimune Takeda ! ( as of this writing, nobody is quite sure just who is in charge of traditional Daito-Ryu of the Sokaku line )

Katsuyuki Kondo is curently one of the most respected leader of the Daito-Ryu factions which occured after the death of Tokimune Takeda ! He is reported to have assumed some control of many of the former students of Tokimune Takeda ! ( some consider him the rightful heir to the sokeship of the Sokaku Takeda line of Daito-Ryu !)

Shiro Saigo

1863 - 1922

SOKE SHIRO SAIGO, 1863-1922, was adopted by Tanomo Saigo,( it is suspected he was actually the illigitimate son of Tanomo Saigo . born out of wedlock ) but joined Jigoro Kano , founder of Kodokan Judo, where he helped establish Judo as a viable martial art by winning several contests against rival jujitsu clans. ( He later relocated to Nagasaki, then Horoshima, where he taught Daito-Ryu and other arts until his death.)



Soke Yamashita, Houei , 1889-1972, student of Saigo Shiro, founded the Daito-Ryu Shuukikan in 1968 after training under many great masters. He was an expert in weapons, horsemanship, the sword and Saigo-Ha Aiki Budo ( Yamashita was a military man for part of his life and travelled throughout Asia where he studied different arts and taught Saigo-Ha Aiki Budo and it is reported he was involved with police work, either as an instructor or an officer for many years .)

Soke Sogawa Kazuoichi, is the current head of the Saigo-Ha Shukikan and main student and successor of the of Yamashita Hoori system . His system was accepted as a branch of Daito-Ryu by the late Soke Tokimuni Takeda in 1984 after many years of dis-association and friction between the two camps over the actions of Shiro Saigo .

Sigung Po ,Lin, 1902-1951, from China, student of Yamashita and several other Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu instructors, founded Po Mu Gow Chinese version of Saigo-Ha in 1948, where he included Kung Fu techniques to Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu syllabus . Po was a Chinese Kung Fu master who studied Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu for many years in Japan. ( he was a very wealthy merchant and certified acupuncturist and herbalist )

Sigung Shen, Pok, 1921- 1983, ( it is believed he died in the early 83 in Formosa ) originally from mainland China, first-cousin and student of Sigung Po, he founded his own version of Takeda- Ryu / Daito-Ryu which he called Shen Mu Gow, (based on Northern Shaolin Kung fun and Saigo - ha Aiki Jujutsu), after years of study under Sigung Po and other Japanese Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu teachers.

Taiso Horikawa

Taiso Horikawa first met Sokaku in 1912 on the train, in Hokkaido. Before they parted, he introduced himself out of politeness and said, "My name is Horikawa. I live in Kitami. If by chance you come near my residence - you are always welcome to visit me."

Kodo Horikawa

His son Kodo Horikawa (1894-1980) began training under his father first and later, when his progress became noticeable, he trained directly under master Takeda.

Okamoto Saigo

Mr. Seigo Okamoto, was born in Yubari, Hokkaido in 1925. It was in 1963 that Mr. Okamoto at the recommendation of a friend, entered the Kodo Kai Dojo of master Horikawa. He had never heard of Daito-Ryu until then. He just entered out of curiosity, having heard about a master who did mysterious things. At that time Mr. Okamoto was already 38 years old.


HISA TAKUMA - 1885 1979, was the senior student of Sokaku Takeda ! He is one of only two people to recieve the full "menkyo Kaiden" directly from Sokaku Takeda, and he went-on to establish the very popular Takumakai with several thousand students. ( His experience as the uki of Sokaku Takeda allowed him to travel throughout Japan and being exposed to most of the Daito-Ryu techniques.)

J.K. ( Kei) Yamaue - 1946 - present , a priest of the "Shingon Sect" of Shintoism, oversee's many Temples in Japan, as the EEC culture attache of Imperial Palace ( Buddhist priest of imperial saga Palace , Imperial Daikakuji Temple 7 Imperia; Daishijo Temple

Morehei Uyshiba

Morehei Uyeshiba , 1883 - 1969 was a student of Sokaku Takeda from 1915 to 1942, and he went-on to formulate the art of AIKIDO in 1943 ,( which was very instrumental to the growth of "Aiki" - hense Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu" )but he is most known for combining the spritual religious concepts on the OMOTO religion with the deadly techniques of TAKEDA-RYU ! ( Aikido is now one of the most popular martial arts from Japan )

Dr.John J.Williams , 1940 - present, from Canada,a retired police officer and shinto priest, senior student of Sigung Shen, founded (renamed) a new version of Takeda-Ryu which he called Shinto-Ryu Aiki Budo in 1990, ( after over 40 years in the arts ) he has mastered several Japanese and western systems under many well-known teachers and continues his search for knowledge in his main art of Saigo-Ha AikiBudo

NOTE * Dr.John J.Williams does not claim to have created a new martial art system ! Rather, he merely registered a training system of traditional SAIGO-HA AIKIBUDO (Takeda-Ryu / Daito-Ryu) which has Chinese influences that adds to the number of techniques taught to the students and which creates a different structure and sequencial introduction of the basic techniques over a longer period of time.!

In 1988, Dr.John J.Williams founded a new sect of shintoism he called "INTERI" and this new religion was incorporated into the Saigo-Ha Aiki Budo he was practicing for many years ! (He studied Japanese Shintoism since the early 60's, and combined Christianity with Shintoism to reach what he felt was the true meaning of life.)  

In 1996, Dr.John J.Williams registered his his branch of Daito-Ryu with the World Headfounders/ Headfamilies Council, as "SAIGO HA TAKEDA AIKIBUDO" since he hopes to more closely associate his ryuha/branch with mainstream Daito-Ryu on an international level

Dr.Williams has six sons who are all accomplished fighters in their own right and through them the spirit and basics Saigo-Ha Takeda-Ryu will carry-on after he is gone. ( Through his association with Sigung Shen, Dr.Williams was introduced to what he considers to be the greatest martial art to originate from Japan and although he is approaching 60 years of age, he continues to research this art in hopes of opening doors to even more secrets of the samurai )


This is not a complete lineage chart of all those in Takeda -Ryu / Daito-Ryu ! Some very important Persons have yet to be added . ( however, this is suffucient to help one understand the Tanomo Saigo branch we call Saigo-Ha AikiBudo )

SAIGO-HA can be called the following :

(a) Takeda-Ryu

(b) Minamoto-Ryu

(c) Aizu-Ryu

(d) Daito-Ryu

Check- back as we will regularly add more information & photos to this homepage .

Saigo - Ha Takeda- Ryu Aiki Budo

Saigo-Ha Daito-Ryu Aiki Budo



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