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Welcome to my anime sanctuary. Here you will find links to other good sites, anime related sounds and pictures. I will update this page every once in a while so come back often and enjoy what I have. Until then sayonara!

Welcome to Gunjin's anime page. This page is under heavy construction and is just starting. So please bear with me. So until my site becomes a little better, I will direct you to some of my favorite sites. Feel free to e-mail me with any anime(or not)related questions. And most of all, THANKS FOR DROPPING BY.

Webmasters- if you want to use my gunnm animation clip, then feel free. All I ask is that you tell me that you are going to use it and put a link to my home page or my sounds page. It's only about 300K and looks pretty cool in my opinion.

Links to other sites on the Web

Ah My Goddess movies-Cool clips
Serpent's Anime Vocal Collection-One of my favorite sites. This one has tons of MP2s
MAML-Music and Movies-A great place to get song lyrics and sound clips
Armitage's Dimension-If you can play MP3s then go here and enjoy the CD quality music
This man made my banner-Chaos Anime and PSX Land

Oh yeah, if any of these links are outdated please tell me so I can get rid of them.Here are some of my favorite pictures. Please feel free to take a look.

Macross Plus-fold

Macross Plus-final fight



Burn Up W


Macross-cool thingy with big guns

Macross-great valkerie pic

Macross Plus-Isamu flying



I also have a sounds page with tons of anime related songs as well as software to play them on. So go to for a huge list of anime sound files


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