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13/02/2008 Hmmph... havent been here for so long ive forgotten how to use the file manager a bit XD had an update a few days ago but forgot to save it and didnt notice it till now.. bah!

22/09/2006 Uisu!~ Nothing new for this homepage, but a lot of new stuff for me. Opened up a photobucket account to host my pics (especially for my zoids contest entries) you can view them here, here and here all over at ZoidsPoison. My submission is kinda early.. the deadline is not until december? and display of the contests entries will only be about december or january (maybe at OG peoples park again). Considering my early submissions, i may enter more though the only problem is what i have left available. I dont have any more funds to purchase new zoids specifically for the contest and most of the zoids i still currently have are broken or missing parts (T ,T)/ ahh... that sucks... Id like to get more zoids, especially with the sales going on right now.

Other things i got poisoned (hooked) on are.. THESE! HOO!~~~ Federation and Zeon Gals from the Gundam 0079 Cardbuilder arcade game. I dont normally get tempted by pvc's this badly (just goes to show what a classic gundam nut i am), I want them LOL. The only other PVC's that have struck me this badly is a One Piece Nami in a green bikini (sorry no pic, saw it at store. Specifically: La Tendo) and a Pangya Koo in a maid outfit~ LOL! There are other PVC's that i like, but the burning desire to buy them is not present to those as they are compared to the ones i just listed hmm~ weird. Currently the only PVC's i have in my collection is a Ayanami Rei bust, Rei + Asuka in plugsuits (bought them when i was young.. now i know theyre fake.. er i mean bad quality recasts BAH) and... erm... gashapons and BJD's dont count so.. yeah... just that LOL.

Right, next topic... Online Games, i just finally finished downloading Trickster Online and installed everything, only to find out that today the servers are shut down for maintainance!~~ BLARGH!! dammit put a notice at the main page not at Game&Game's site!! So... im just waiting to start it.. soon... later on.. whenever... ill play as a bunny character. Unfortunately i while i was bored i too a look at Nostale, another online game. Im hooked!!! dammit, but fortunately i know my PC cant handle it, i think~ HAH! im safe!~~ So besides playing Trickster, im still playing Stella Quest L! no Kris update is complete without a mention of... Stella Quest L!!! HAH!~ well thats all ill say about... Stella Quest L!! HAHA! I havent been playing Pangya so much lately.. reason.. I JUST HATE LEORIO! what a waste.. wish i just signed up as female so i can get a female character instead.. i hate staring at LEORIO's ass.. Next, i havent been playing drummania at all, not surprising since no funds HAHA, wonder if i can go to ben's place to play DM on his PS2... albeit no drums but using a controller.. also, ill just use the excuse that im waiting for DrumManiaV3 to come out LOL~ ahh maybe will pick up my GBA again and dust it off.. just for the heck of it.

OK~~ i guess ill scrap that blog i set up at tripod, im too lazy to figure out tripods blog system or check out geocities (now anyway) so ill save a copy of whatever seems like a blog posts here to my rants or make a new weblog section. Ill still use my tripod homepage, but i just dont know for what right now. Thats all for todays~~~

05/09/2006 Was bored, so cleaned up a bit in here. Took down my commandwolf zoid pics in preparation for contest submission to doc at ZP. Downloading too much anime to play Pangya at the moment. Although season 2 just came out for S.E.A. version, after seeing the trailer for Season 3:Revolution on korean servers.. WOW.. I really want to switch servers (T .T)/ Also, I really regret taking up Leorio as my character, shouldve gone for the girl instead LOL. But id still like Kooh a lot more :P
Been more active in Stella Quest L again, just hope nothing goes wrong and i have to dissappear for a few months again sigh.. NEway, downloaded a few songs from LuPerry; they are ED for GundamSeed Destiny CE:73 Stargazer and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu's OP + ED + 2 songs from ep.12 "Lost my Music" + "God Bless" by Hirano Aya.
The ED for Stargazer is addictive, luckily LuPerry had the long version hehe. As for Hirano Aya, very impressive girl, her normal voice is actually quite high :P here.. lemme link you to a youtube video for comparision to her voice -> here and luperry did a translation of the conversation here the video in that page doesnt work, but its the same one.
You gotta love Hirano Aya's "Dame deshou, Hamada-san" (^ o^)/ ooh... Now we all want a voice actress for a wife dont we? (for ladies, voice actor.. and I dont wanna imagine what kinda stuff you'd want him to say in--!! ...)
this update message is quite long, Im THAT bored LOL and guess this could count as practice for my blog if I ever set it up. Oh for some strange reason my internet connection keeps cutting off while im working on this.. geocities.. you messing with my connection? (- - _--);; NEway regarding my blog.. maybe ill set it up on my tripod site.. hope I remember my userid and pass.. (O _o);;; ok thats all for now.. now just gotta wait for my connection to start up again then save this..
EDIT - trial blog entry (from tripod/lycos side) WebLog if this doesnt work out, ill try somewhere else or even geocities version. But I just dont want to waste/lose my tripod homepage...

30/08/2006 Ughh.. i feel like a hikkikomori... or at least, been bitten too many times by some bakedani. no strength and lazy.. at least im back on Stella Quest L for a while.

No update, planning to clean up some things a bit and maybe move a lot of pics from here to photobucket to save bandwidth. If i do that ill have to redirect all the links, going to be a bit troublesome for awhile.

Planning to enter ZoidsPoison forums's 2nd zoids contest this time, didnt make it last time cus of work. nowadays just bumming around and watching anime ive downloaded and slowly touch up on my zoid. everything was reading since the last contest, i just needed to paint it.

As for the future of this site, im thinking of just switching it to a blog, may use the one geocities has but ill look around to see whats available and easy to use. ive barely done any drawings this whole year, main reason is that during late april to may my PC passed on. i was without access to pc + internet for the whole time until about recently (end of july), also the pc im using now is borrowed, OLD and barely has any programs in it except for an internet browser (> ,<);; my webcam barely works on it.

On to other topics, im done with schooling. just need to stop procrastinating and hand in my bloody 15k word report to school, though i wished they just give me my freakin diploma already so i can get a (ANY KIND of) job here in singapore. im no longer on student visa, so my stay here is freakin limited.

EDIT-crap!! what the hell is with my guestbook?! i dont even remember where my guestbook options are so i can delete those freaking useless messages!

I dont know when ill ever finish this avatar...
"Sana is this how you wanted yours to be?"

15/04/2006 Not much added, lately been working a lot. Still in F&B dept of Meritus Negara and other than that, been buying comics, playing DrumManiaV2 and onlinegames. Recently ive been hooked on Pangya more than Stella Quest L, to the extent i didnt win gold today LOL (saturday is the results for weekly battle championship). NEway, upcoming plans: Site revamp, once i get my hands on a wacom/deleter tablet :P Haha! then ill take off most of my pics showing my face since it takes up a lot of space sigh..

17/01/2006 Ive switched hotels from novotel clarke quay to Meritus Negara (^ .^)/ and ive added... er... 3 pics (see if you can find the other 2) and added some quirky stuff.. onto the pics. thats all for this homepage, other homepage no progress, friendster page updated a bit. Mu-Nyah~ =(^ o')=

09/01/2006 its... a.... Brand New Year~ A Brand New Year~~~ and ive got nothing much to update :P but.. looky~~ a pic of Cute Lil Stella Riding in a Zoids Baratz~~ (^ o^)/
Cute Stella Riding in a GirafSworder (Zoids Baratz GZB-02)~~ (^ o^)/

And also~ two new zoids added to my collection. NJR zabat, plastic quality which kinda sucks (hope its not a fake I shouldve gotten the genesis version instead) and modified NJR Iguan which is very good, recommended for easy start to zoid collecting or for presents to kids (^ o^)/ NOTE: pics were removed.

24/12/2005 added some new pics in webcam page

05/11/2005 made a rpgmakerxp and webcam page

??/??/2005 Heh, uploaded more crazy pics of Kris. This weeks agenda, fix up some links yeh~ hmm~ yah~

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