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I just got laid off from my job and now I found a new job as a Guess? model.  HA HA yeah right!  Me a model?  I'm just a silly goober who likes to edit pictures :P  But that really is me in the fake Guess? jeans ad.  It's true that I just got laid off from my job though.  Now I've got time to go "willy-nilly" on the internet!
I'm a Christian, so church is one of my biggest interests.  I'm supposed to be the creative guy at church, but I don't think I'm that creative.  Lessee, I also like sports.  Playing sports and watching them.  I read graphic novels -- basically picture books for adults.  I used to not like reading when I was younger.  I like to draw and sing poorly too, and I won't comment any further on those.  And I like listening to music -- mostly Praise & Worship stuff and Contemporary Christian Music.
I've got a Mom and a Dad.  They're great.  They look really young for their age, so I really take after them.  I've got an older brother who's married, so I also have a sister-in-law.  I've got a few friends, but I really can't pick one and say that they are my best friend.  Now that I think about it, that seems kind of sad.  In the future, I hope my best friend will be my wife. (awwww *spewchunks*)