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Hello. Crystal Tokyo Realty is a nifty little
collection of SailorMoon pages. Please register if
you have a SailorMoon Page. Just go to the picture
of your fave scout/character, and sign up!
Now added! Indexs of the different nieghbourhoods!
For people with 3 or more neighourhoods, if you don't want to have to add the HTML for all of the rings, you can use this HTML instead. That HTML is an example. If you don't know the URL for the index of the rings you're in, mail me.
This is an example:

This page is a resident of the
Moon, Mercury, and Pluto
sections of Crystal Tokyo. It's owned by You.

MoonMercuryMarsJupiterVenusChibiPlutoNeptuneUranusSaturnThe Cats The Villains

Hey cool! Now if you don't have a SailorMoon Page, you can
VOTE for your fave Character. Just go here.
If you are in one the rings, the one you're
in is sort of your vote.

Stuff For All:
Whine about Sailor Moon.
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