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Last updated: 24 August 1999

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This may be a shot from the video clip of "Paradise" but Edmond and Winnie are married and now they have a BABY!!

See GHQ Results 24 August
Grasshopper Questions......see the results now after a few months of survey through Internet,Grasshopper Mailing List and others as well,regarding Grasshopper of course.There's changes from the last results! *Note : I will update this section if ONLY I get more than 50 replies.

Grasshopper's Cute Baby Picture!
Wanna know how Grasshopper looks like when they are small? Click on!

Grasshopper Albums
I couldn't get hold of Grasshopper's scan album,so no updates except the old ones until Ba-Ba-Ba.

Grasshopper Mailing List
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Full List Links On Grasshopper
Visit other links on Grasshopper (which I tried to find all of it) and some other cool links I like! I hope u can tell me about other Grasshopper links which is not at the Links page as fast as possible. I want to make the Links page to be completed with Grasshopper sites from all over the world,so that u and everyone can know more on Grasshopper.

Grasshopper News
This page is small and contains some gossips and news on Grasshopper.Now I cannot update any news on them because I have lost contact with the person who knows their every latest news.*SORRY*.But I recommend Sandy's homepage for recent activities.

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Grasshopper Profile

The three members that make up the Grasshopper were formerly back-up dancers for semi-retired Hong Kong superstar Anita Mui who successfully introduced them to the Hong Kong public. They have since climbed the popularity charts and have released hit songs.

Date Of Birth: 6 February 1967
Height: 172cm
Weight: 54kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Singing,Dancing,Volley Ball,Swimming
Education: Form 5
Food: Fruits
Place: Home
Singer: Anita Mui
Color: Black,White,Purple,Pink
Person: Parents

Date Of Birth: 3 January 1965
Height: 169cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Singing,Dancing,Reading,Drawing
Education: Form 5
Food: Delicious food
Candy: Chocolate
Music: Jazz,Fusion,Pop
Singers: Anita Mui,Yip Duk Han,George Lam,David Bowie
Bands: Japan,Beatles,Ultravox
Colo: Black,White,Blue
Car: Jaguar
Place: Beach
Person: Parents

Date Of Birth: 3 May 1966
Height: 174kg
Weight: 54kg
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Sport
Education: Form 5
Food: Beef
Fruit: Mango
Music: Jazz,Fusion
Singer: Anita Mui,David,Sylvina
Bands: YMO,Japan,Beatles
Actors: Chow Yun Fatt,Brigette Lin
Car: Porshe
Place: Home
Person: Parents

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